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Perspective|Richter 10 Day 1

 The Cultural Committee of Institute of Management, Nirma University inaugurated its national level Cultural & Management Fest, Perspective Richter 10 on 18th January, 2018. This marked the beginning of a 3-day long fest filled with events from varying domains.

The Inaugural event of Perspective Richter 10, NirmaTatva started at around 10:30 AM on 18th January, 2018. The event began with Guru Vandana and Lighting of the lamp. The first speaker for the session was Mr. Sanjay Raval who is one of the most prominent Gujarati Speakers. He has delivered various sessions on Personality Development and Fearless Life stirring people’s emotions and motivating them. The second speaker was Ms. Bhakti Sharma, Sarpanch of Barkhedi Abdulla Village near Bhopal and the last speaker was Shri Gauri Sawant, a Social Activist working for Transgender Community of India.


Mr. Sanjay Raval was the first to address the audience. He motivated the audience with his wise words and the main theme of his speech was “What is life”. He focused on the fact that it is important to concentrate on the process rather than on the final result. He said, “Accept everything that comes your way”. He criticized the education system of India, which demands respect for the top performers and looks down upon the poor performers. Thus, the need of the country is balance. He also questioned the upbringing and the hypocrisy that we live with. He stressed on the importance of respecting our parents, teachers because he believes that they are the ones who will be responsible for bringing a change in society and individuals. He concluded his speech by quoting, “Whatever you do in your life, give your best”.


The second speaker to address the audience was Ms. Bhakti Sharma. She stressed that the youth nowadays doesn’t want to come out of their comfort zones. She compared success with devotion and meditation. She said that the first step towards success would be to accept the criticism and demoralization with open heart. She said that for the country to progress, it is important that the youth steps out of the perception that politics is a “dirty game”. She urged the students to take a pause and understand the state of rural India and come up with ideas that could change the way that people live in villages. Giving the example of the enormous achievements of her village, she pointed out to the students that they should join politics, become the well -educated political force and that would turn India into a superpower.

Ms. Bhakti Sharma-.JPG

The last speaker to address the audience was Shri Gauri Sawant. She began the session by talking about gender equality and women empowerment. But then she raised a question as to why we need to think about such issues. She spoke about Indian mythology, which recognized and respected the various transgender persons. She gave an example of Shikhandi, the first transgender to become a King in an era where women were not accepted as rulers. She spoke about her journey and mentioned that transgender persons have only begun to be recognized in 2014, after the Rights of Transgender Persons Bill was passed. Only after this bill, it has become mandatory for every organization and institution to add a category for them. She also explained her journey of raising an orphan, which was her first experience of raising a child, being a transgender. She has also founded an organization, ‘Aaji Cha Ghar’, which provides a home to many abandoned girls and senior transgender persons.

Shri Gauri Sawant.JPG

Followed by this, various events were organized in different rounds. They were: Magnitude-F, Live Parliament, Pratidwandi, Markenova, Rangmanch, Cric-D Flick, Footloose and Intelstellar.

Rangmanch is the national level Dramatics Competition organized by the Institute’s Dramatics Club- Chehre. Footloose, the dance competition organized by Fiesta- the dance and music club, saw some of the best dancers of the country show their moves and enchant the audience with their spectacular performances. Live Parliament, which was organized by Sumantra- the Literary Club, provided a platform to the participants to discuss and debate on ‘Vision 2022’ and form policies for the same. Magnitude-F, organized by Finesse- the Finance Club, tested the financial knowledge of the participants. Pratidwandi, which was organized by News Junction, tested the knowledge participants had about news channels. Cric-D Flick sought to test how much the participants are updates about the nuances of cricket. Markenova was organized to see how well budding managers applied marketing concepts. Intelstellar saw Mr. Siddhant More- Co-Founder Mad over Marketing, enlightening the audience on contemporary issues in marketing. Both the events were organized by Niche- the Marketing Club of the Institute.

Aavartan, an evening dedicated to Rajasthani folk music, saw Abid Khan and group grace the evening with their soulful and scintillating music. The day ended in a Laughter Riot with Rahul Subramanian, who tickled the funny bone of the audience and gave them a night to remember.


With this, the first day of Perspective Richter 10 came to an end.

This article is contributed by Harsh Dubey, Ayushi Tomar, Abhishek Punwani and Shreya Goel~

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club


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