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Nirupa Jayakrishnan

Far far away in the land consumed by lungi clad men who stealthly despise honey singh for merely reducing their identity to ashes, when I fail to understand how they could bring themselves to subtly pay heed to a man whose nomenclature is honey! And in one corner of the gods own ‘country’ (spare me from the sheer occasional excellence in the English literature that we possess), I sat with a book in my hand, wondering if destiny would favour me yet again.

One of my major apprehensions as I worriedly filled the Nirma application form was what if all the men start referring to me as Ben (Sister in Gujrat), hence would I lose a chance to finding a prospective hubby adding to the misery of my persevering mother. As I contemplated about the euphonious beats of the garba, dopamine soar to a new level, and the process of filling the potential form turned swift.

A few weeks ahead, as I watched Donald Trump subtly digging away the integrity of the infamous nation, my body and soul filled with immense pity for Walt Disney at the sheer coincidence in the name of his wonderful creation. This was the moment when IMNU cordially invited me to attend their interview process. 
Hopping my way to my mother to tell her that the dejection caused by Mr Trump was so gracefully taken care of by the banal way in which I was 
offered to attend what can be called my date with destiny.


As I woke up in the morning, fidgety and worried at the thought of exasperated interviewers eyeing me with scorn at having to trade off their precious little expertise for future brats, anxiety filled my hunger stricken stomach. Hours later, to my surprise, I was greeted with 3 gentlemen who smiled their way into asking me if I had at all 
lost my patience due to the long wait I have had to undergo. I vaguely remember walking down the road soon after, in awe of how cool it would be to study at this University.

On 19th June, IMNU had indeed happened!

Today here I sit, reminiscing the past. To holding back my tears in the IMNU auditorium, to feeling a bit lonely in this far away land of history, to wishing miraculously for a few pieces of fried tender chicken, to unpacking my luggage finally. I have come to this day where I have hardly lived in my 
own room, where a few days into meeting me when my friends received an anonymous call that I had gone missing, the poor souls frantically began their search in the middle of the night, to copying each others slangs and shedding endless tears at what had gone wrong, I cannot believe that this journey has only begun.

Life happens only once and so does IMNU!


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