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Krishna Sanghavi

31st December 2015, the day I decided to do MBA. Facing a lot of noise from the outside world, I was determined to prove myself not to others but to me. Jumbling engineering and MBA studies, I scored a mere 36.56 percentile. This ignited a fire within me and made my determination stronger. As we say “Failure is the stepping stone to success”, I was sure that success is well within my reach.

Then comes the day, 19th March 2018, I received a mail “Congratulations, your admission is confirmed”.


It was a day when mixed feelings aroused. Happiness, excitement, anxiousness were just to name a few. Leaving your family, friends, and the city is an overwhelming experience. As I entered my new home, my mother was in tears asking me to promise her to come back as soon as I can. Looking her go away was saddening. As soon as she left, I met someone sitting in a cab full of luggage asking me, “Bhai yeh H1 hai kya?” These words reminded me that I am not alone in this beautiful journey.


Fast forward to today, here I am sitting on my desk writing this article and wondering the efforts and the life-long experiences I learned. Being here not only I learned to be on time, adhere rules, socialize with people having varied backgrounds, cultures and experiences but also I am also exploring my hobby on this beautiful campus. Lessons learned in induction program really broadened my horizons and thinking capability. Everyone is unique in their own way which adds to the flavor of the environment.

Two weeks in, I got the answer to that one question my mother asked me,” How will you live without us?”. My answer “I have got one family right here.

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