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IMNU Diaries


Mask Again

Never ever thought would take that long way,
In search of truth trotted on the way.
Those stars up in the sky,
A picturesque darkness and shining pearls nearby.

Started in search of truth, love and real friends,
kept following the years old trends.
I wore the sunglasses of illusion on my eyes,
A mistake that showed me love instead of lies.

Now alone trodden on the road with a pair of jeans,
It was indeed the dichotomy  of my genes.
Playing with mirage of trustworthiness,
Became the epitome of nefariousness .

A myriad of friends always what I had,
A close friend that what I lacked.
My sunglasses made me the nail on wall,
They kept hitting unless I was all gone.

Hopping down the lane was a lonely aspiring finder,
Threw away those glasses and became a gambler
Took a risk and gambled relations and friends,
Kept hoping that this relation will  never come to an end.

Nail fallen down battered hard,
Unknown that I was the dart.
21st century as all of them said,
be as fake as you can.

Its a dog eat dog world, as they said,
Use your brain that they never said,
They will remember you and support your race,
Once it’s over a punch on your face.

The thing that hurts and creates sympathy,
Is I loved , trusted and befriended and they showed apathy,
I completed all of their tasks and waited for my turn to ask,
They smiled and just changed their mask…..just changed their mask…just changed their mask…:(

                                                                                                                            -Parth Sanghani


                                                                  The Paneer Diaries
It has been more than three months at IMNU. We have made few close friends, some friends and many acquaintances. Some lucky ones have even made the clichéd “just friends”. Together we have endured a million (pardon my math) pre-reads, a thousand odd assignments (again, sorry about being numerically impaired) and a full term of a very challenging MBA programme. The most important term in the immediately previous sentence is ‘Together’. So who or what is to be credited for this togetherness among a fairly diverse group of people who were by and large strangers just about three months back?
The profound togetherness among the students of IMNU can be accredited to the only CONSTANT in the fast-paced, dynamic MBA life – ‘the Paneer’ or what a twitter fan like me would like to refer to as #IMNUPaneer. Through the worst submissions and the best off days it has been there by our sides, floating in the same ocean of orange-ish gravy. But we have failed to recognize the importance that #IMNUPaneer has in our lives.
It has not only stoked the flames in our bellies when time constraints prevented us from going out, but it has also braved the consistent and unanimous verbal abuse and criticism from us. It has provided us a solid reason to dine-out, thereby creating a great opportunity to interact more and develop the vast level of camaraderie that exists. Also, it has provided potential lovers with a strong excuse to separate from the flock and elope to bask in each other’s companionship.
All in all the oft chastised #IMNUPaneer deserves a lot more credit than what we bestow upon it. It is the glue (any reference to actual texture of the food is unintended) that binds us into this sense of belonging and togetherness. When they say “food brings people together” they are not just referring to good food. So, the next time you aim to throw your choicest expletives towards the mess food think of all the good times you have spent with your friends just to avoid eating at the mess. And remember, “Bad food brings people together too”.

                                                                                                                                                             -Atalant Nadkar


The Illusion of Perfection
Looking at the sky I aspire to be a magnanimous person.
Looking at the mountains I aspire to stand firm.
Looking at the river I aspire to face all challenges head on.
Looking at the tree I aspire to be patient and stand tall after the challenges have had their toll on me.
Looking at the spider I aspire to be perseverent.
The nature aspires me to be a perfect human but looking in the mirror I realize I am not perfect.
I am often bogged down by challenges.
I often run away from responsibilities.
I often break down in the arms of my pillow.
I often put my anger on display.
One look in the mirror and the illusion of perfection ends. But then life is not about perfection it’s about
happiness and I am happy the way I am: imperfect!!

                                                                                                                                                    Shubhang Dimri



In Pursuit Of My Other-Self


Remember Rahul from KKHH? He used to visit his RISHTEDAR every Tuesday. Like Rahul, many of us have our own rishtedar whom we pay a visit once in a while. Back at home it was usually a forced affair where paternal pressure was the driving force for those visits. Interestingly, being away from home since so long,its influence still exists. The homage paid has always been high. Never matter if it was a high-fi establishment or like in my case, the clean corner of my room. But unlike us, there are also some people far above at our level. They carry him in their hearts. I tried doing it too but it didn’t work. It always surged a pang of guilt in my heart. The reasons were obvious. There were many banned, illegal malicious things already residing in. When I tried stuffing this new element, my “feeling metabolism” refused to obey my orders. I had to revert back.

                But on a serious note, things didn’t end here. This led to the beginning of an altogether new chapter. The rishtedar couldn’t be left midway. My Hindustani Sanskars were too strong to let me do so. Just like the way we need to clean our room to put something new in the limited space, I too had to introspect myself to ally him with the dwellers. So I started observing every small or tiny resident that knowingly or unknowingly occupied a portion of my heart. Next step was to explore them all. I had to find if they were worthy enough to contribute to the making of me. Do they enrich my soul to help create a better identity of me? When many answers came negative in a row, I knew something was wrong. And then was it that I got the glimpse of my answer. The destination was clear. Just the path had to be carved out.

                It’s the elixir for life. When they say God is everywhere, they mean we just have to approach him and all that’s needed is to believe. First in yourself and then in God. Rest will automatically be sorted out by the divine management. Friends, our breath count is finite. Heart is not meant to beat for ever and so will the brain become dysfunctional at one point of time. The purpose is to live beyond it. To attain this majestic state, move out of your made self and step into your real being. Hold his hands. He will ensure you are taken care off well.



 I  left home with teary goodbyes

And arrived at IMNU with a gleam in my eyes;

A chance to become who I was always meant to be,

With this belief I started my new journey…

 CAT was the end, was the general thought;

     And now in MBA’s whirlwind I’m caught…

      Lectures from eight till the sun’s at its zenith-

                                    Now I know “You’ll have fun doing MBA!” was just a myth!

No time to sleep, or to play;

Have to keep all addictive things at bay…

Movie marathons and gossip nights are a thing of the past,

Had never ever thought that they would not last…

Pre-reads are compulsory in order to compete,

And in CP, your own friends you have to beat;

Lecturers go on, irrespective of your understanding-

All you can do is cope and keep on trying…

Committees and Clubs appear as a beacon of light

To help us reach newer and newer heights…

Fun is said to intermingle with work there,

And dreams come true for those who dare…

IMNU’s wonderful campus makes you want to roam,

Its long-winding roads so different from home…

Canteen breaks and tea at five make up your day,

You now realize two years are going to pass this way…

Friends are the things here keeping you sane,

You laugh, eat, study, pray together- all while it rains…

Bonding is strong, and roomies become besties;

You get friends for life as together you muse on life’s mysteries…

IMNU will probably teach me important lessons for life,

And I’ll have to try my best to learn them without any strife…

And at the end of two years, I don’t know where I’ll be;

But I do know that I’ll be one step closer to the person who I’m going to be…

                                                                                                                    Anees Sabiha Gani( MBA FT-I,  2013-15)

Life @ IMNU

02/10/2012 – It’s been 3 months since we first landed on Planet IMNU, but to me it seems like just yesterday. Indeed, I now realize that time does fly by when you are enjoying yourself. The past 3 months at IMNU have been much more than just enjoyment. As part of the new batch, all of us came with new expectations and dreams. And after having spent the first quarter at IMNU, I would be lying if I say that I have experienced something similar before!! Assignments, classes and Surprise quizzes are part of a B-School life. But it’s the culture here, that sets IMNU apart.

The Campus: Spread across 110 acres, it is a perfect mix of serenity & vibrancy. The campus itself tells a lot of tales and is easily among the most beautiful campuses in the country. With lush greens all around, the campus here is meticulously maintained to say the least.

The Life : One of the specialties of IMNU is its well designed Induction program that provides one with a glimpse of the 2 forthcoming years at this institute. Well, in the first week of induction, we learnt a lot about time management, and taking up our own responsibility. In the initial weeks on the campus, I made dozens of new friends here – and so many among the seniors. The Seniors here are nothing less than awesome, among the most co-operative & amiable bunch of human beings that I have ever come across. At IMNU, the students share something more than just friendship, we are one big & happy family.

When the classes began here, it was real tough for me to get back to study life, after a long hiatus from academics. The stack of books for the first term was enough to scare anyone off. But one learns to cope up, and manage. Along with me, no one had been used to pre-reading, especially the engineers. So it was definitely tough in the initial phase. The surprise quizzes never failed to surprise us, however we gradually got used to it & now I can proudly say that I have managed to weather the storm & have survived Term-1 at IMNU. 1 down, 5 more to go. Needless to say, the faculty here is awesome. The classes are just facilitation processes, most of the study needs to be done by the student on his or her own, the class is more of a discussion where new facets of management are discussed. A diverse array of ideas & opinions characterize each class & help us to develop & understand new perspectives. Guest lectures & various conclaves are frequently organized to enable the students to gain exposure & develop deep insight on specific topics.

Extra Currics @ IMNU : The academic load here is hectic, no doubt about that, but life @ IMNU is much more than just academics. Extra-curricular activities are in abundance & the campus is buzzing with activity throughout the year. The various clubs & committees come up with interesting events almost every week to relieve the students from the demanding academic schedules & also contribute to their overall development in some way or the other. In the past 3 months I have been part of numerous events, actually I have lost count, but I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

Life @ IMNU is so vibrant & happening that its tough to summarize it in one post. More about IMNU and my life here in the posts to come.

                                                                                                                                   (Photo courtesy: Debojyoti Hati)

Ranotosh Banerjee (MBA FT-I)


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  1. A story of one out of ten in this world of millions but the solution seems quite inevitable. Probably the perspective needs to changed.
    Amazing work Abhjeet. Kudos!
    Keep it up buddy! 🙂

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