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Hardik Nahar

In the hustle and bustle of life..batch mates were being placed and I felt disheartened still doing nothing.
But as it is said, ‘Ask and you shall receive’ #AndThenIMNUHappened

An email popped up, with a disbelief in my heart I couldn’t believe of what just happened. I checked the mail and it was IMNU and that was it. There was no looking back. 
Months passed with happiness in heart with a pinch of nervousness. 
Bags being packed, mom packing more of homemade food than my own clothes and my sister stuffing some medical aid in my bagpack. The thought of leaving the family in a completely different state and starting my new life in altogether a different one gave me chills because I didn’t know that here, at IMNU I will find another.
Today when I stand here in the campus, I rightly know what I have come here for and this place is serving the right platter to me.
And I know after two years, when I will look back, I would say that ‘yes! I made the right decision’.

A proud IMNUan!

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