Team News Junction hosted their first event for this term – Nouvelles – on 10th October, 2018. To conduct an interesting event centered around news and to keep all participants interested and engaged is a mammoth task, towards which the organizers put in commendable effort. The event was both informative and entertaining. Starting with an online quiz at midnight on October 9th, the first round of the event picked out the quick-witted and aware. The second round of Nouvelles, too, saw a good number of enthusiastic teams showing up despite some clashes in class schedules.


The first of the rounds was a time-bound recall-testing round. Each participating team (comprising 3 members) were given an envelope of chits representing facts from 5 different major event timelines, and their job was to arrange each of the 5 event chits in chronological order of their respective main event. This round filtered out the top 8 teams to qualify for the final round of Nouvelles. The finals were a battle of collective speed, memory and presence of mind. Each team member’s task was to skim through a newspaper handed over to them (one per team), and note down the note-worthy facts. A written quiz based on those very newspapers, tested the teams along the way. The winners were the highest scorers in the final newspaper-reading quiz round.


Of 20 participating teams, Team VAST DEFERENCE took the crown in this event. The runners up were Team ZIPPY TRADERS, Team LEADERS and Team WASTED POTENTIAL.

Events like these are an important part of our MBA journey, where, through fun and games, they inculcate good habits like reading newspapers and keeping up with the times. Kudos to team News Junction.


This article is contributed by Ipshita Paul  –

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

Alumni Day 2018


The Institute of Management, Nirma University celebrated Alumni Day on 6th October, 2018. Around 200 alumni along with their family members attended the nostalgic reunion. This two-day event was organized by the Kaizen Committee of IMNU. The alumni were welcomed with goodie bags. After the registration process, they were free to move around the campus. The committee had stalls for purchase of Nirma merchandise. Also, a stall of craft items prepared by the children of Nirmaan Foundation (formerly, Saral) was put up to raise funds for them. The alumni didn’t miss the chance to get themselves clicked at the photo booth near the registration desk. A faculty interaction session followed. The alumni met with and spoke to the faculty members during this session and relived their classroom memories.

Mr. Mahesh Joshi, the Chief Executive and Director, L&T Valves, was the Chief Guest to address IMNU students on the occasion of Alumni Day 2018. He spoke about how important life at IMNU had proven to be. The skills of prioritizing and balancing a multitude of activities that he learned at Nirma University has helped him throughout his career so far. He laid special emphasis on the need to network with not just the alumni of the college but also with the whole peer network and faculty, as a vital path to success in personal as well as corporate life. He shared hisa experiences to drive home the fact that ideas and mindsets played a major role in shaping the contemporary business world. Mr. Joshi chose today’s special event and his alma mater as a platform to launch his book “Global Business”.

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The alumni then proceeded for lunch. The next sessions planned for the day were curriculum review sessions and a general body meeting. The post lunch session was an Action Seminar with the main aim of formulating new ideas to upgrade the curriculum for the Family Business and Entrepreneurship (FB&E) stream of MBA. This session was conducted by Mr. Anay A. Mashruwala, of Venus Engineering Works. The Action Seminar follows the principles of The Value Web which is an international conglomerate of individual consultants. Under the umbrella of The Value Web, important global issues and organizations like OPEC, World Economic Forum, are discussed to arrive at viewpoints and possible solutions to issues of global importance like the situation in North Korea and US Relations. Faculty, alumni and current students actively and jointly come up with ideas to upgrade the course so as to perpetuate the legacy of creating a large job pool from FB&E.

Simultaneously, with the Action Seminar, the curriculum review for the full time MBA course was under way, where alumni and faculty pool their thoughts and resources to come up with ways to improve and upgrade the syllabus taught. A general body meeting followed the curriculum review sessions, wherein contemporary business practices, trends and their relevance in MBA were discussed.

Alumni Day’s activities continued with various fun cultural activities with performances by the Nirmaan Foundation, Chehre & Fiesta. Some of the other events were Action Replayyy conducted by Prof. Nina Muncherji, a football match, cricket match, karaoke and dinner. These gave the alumni a chance to relive their college days, interact with old friends and colleagues and let loose in an evening of fun and frolic. Alumni Day gave alumni the perfect opportunity to reconnect with their alma mater and the present students to interact with experienced professionals in an informal way, while learning about their experiences.

This article is contributed by Kavya Shah  –

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

Joy of Giving Week – Nirmaan


“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” – Mark Twain

Going by the sanctity of this quote, Nirmaan – the Social Club of IMNU hosted the ‘Joy of Giving Week’ starting 2nd October, 2018.

The first day was observed as the Foundation Day where they inaugurated the new avatar of the social club of IMNU which was formerly called Saral. They celebrated the day by playing games like Musical Chairs with the kids. Club Fiesta, along with the kids, played to the tune of Garba. To add to the kids’ delight, the members of Nirmaan also a celebratory cake.

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The second day was devoted to Arts & Crafts. The kids along with their Nirmaan supervisors turned on their creative side and dipped their hands in paints to create wonders.

Fun & frolic continued on the third day with Chillar Party.

The fourth day was dedicated to fun outdoor games like pitthu, badminton and kho-kho. These kept the kids active and agile.

Alumni Day, the fifth day, gave the kids a chance to interact with the former members of the social club. All the alumni as well as the faculty got a chance to stop by the Nirmaan stall. The hand-made items crafted by the kids on the second day sold like hot cakes and garnered a lot of appreciation. They also danced in the cultural event of the Alumni Day.

On the sixth day, the students of Nirmaan took the kids out on a day trip to Kankaria Lake where they took a ride around the lake on the ‘Toy Train’. The fun quadrupled when the kids went to the Kankaria zoo.

The week instilled in all a renewed sense of belongingness with each other.


This article is contributed by Kavya Shah & Ipshita Paul –

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

Pragaman 3.0

Swayam Club

PRAGAMAN 3.0, the Entrepreneurship Conclave of Institute of Management, Nirma University, was organized by SWAYAM – The Entrepreneurship Club of IMNU. The conclave commenced at 10:00 AM on 3rd October, 2018, with the theme, “Boulevard of Entrepreneurship; Build To Last”.

Pragaman 3.0 meaning ‘Progression’ is a one-day conclave for young and aspiring entrepreneurs from the student fraternity. It is a platform for budding entrepreneurs to learn from the inspirational stories of entrepreneurs. It will also act as a common platform for participants to engage with like-minded individuals and share their ideas and stories.

The inaugural session was delivered by Padma Shri Dr. Anil Gupta, Founder of Honeybee Nework Sristi, Gian. He began the session by explaining what entrepreneurship is about. According to him, an entrepreneur is a risk taker, who is either doing something different, or doing the same thing as others in a different way. Dr. Gupta said that there are 5 steps of change; creativity, compassion, collaboration, effort towards disruption and creating a knowledge network. According to Dr. Gupta, entrepreneurship is a triangle of innovation, investment, and enterprise. Moreover, he questioned the students as to why freshers and students should be involved in doing something that others had been doing for a long time, concluding that every project undertaken by the students should add valuable original knowledge. Dr. Gupta ended the session by explaining his expectations from the students. According to him, it is important that the education imparted in government schools be improved. He also stressed on the importance of helping entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.


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The second speaker of the conclave was Mr. Sameer Aasht, Founder and Director of Alma Mater. Talking on the topic of “Sell me this Pen“, he explained that business is not about a one-time event, but something that occurs in the form of multiple transactions. According to Mr. Aasht, the key factor responsible in maintaining the reselling factor is the need to focus on the brand story and emotions which attract your customers. The brand story must be created keeping in mind the segment that is to be targeted. A journey towards a successful business cannot be a jackpot; a cycle of approaches is necessary to build it strong. Mr. Aasht concluded with the idea that taking the initial step and experimenting are the most important qualities of an entrepreneur, where there may be chances of failure as well as success. However, if no initiative is taken, there lies no chance of success.

The post lunch session was graced by Mrs. Jyoti Sudhir, Chairperson- IWN Gujarat State at CII and Owner of Image Consulting Business Institute. She spoke on the topic of ‘Women & Entrepreneurship’. Doing away with the post lunch syndrome with an interactive talk show, Mrs. Sudhir spoke about her journey as a wife, mother and an entrepreneur. According to Mrs. Sudhir, the industry is not men-centric anymore. Women have to make the choice between giving up, or fighting for what they really want. This is because the general trajectory of women includes climbing up the ladder for a few years, which are proceeded by a regression if she chooses to look after her family. She also threw some light on the influence of personal choices in moulding an individual into an entrepreneur by giving her personal experiences. Then she proceeded towards giving an idea about image management, which according to Mrs. Sudhir, is about being attractive, dressing appropriately, along with being affordable. She concluded her talk by stressing on the importance of soft skills, perseverance and the practice of patience.

The Digital Gandhi was the next speaker of the event. A 9-time Tedx speaker, he addressed the audience on the topic ‘How to be an Entrepreneur in 2030’. He conducted an activity-based session to help the students understand how they could free themselves from the moulds of society, and develop a mindset which can help them in overcoming difficulties and set up successful enterprises.

The last speaker of the event was Mr. Sanandan Sudhir, Founder of Invent India and President of Indian Investors Association. He had an interactive session with the students on the topic of ‘The Start-up Ecosystem needs some Repairs’, with idea generation as the base topic. He helped the students in getting insights into the start-up industry.

With this, Pragaman 3.0 came to an end, with the student fraternity benefitting from the stories of the entrepreneurs who have made their mark in the entrepreneurial scene of the country and the speakers benefiting from the interaction with young minds.


This article is contributed by Nandini Kansal –

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

Parakram 2018-19

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Parakram, the national level sports festival for B-schools organized by the Sports Committee of Institute of Management, Nirma University, commenced on 29th September, 2018. Parakram is organized annually with the aim to promote inter B-school relationships across the country. Students get the perfect opportunity to forge bonds both within and across teams. They also get to showcase their talents on a national platform and let off steam in this wonderful sporting extravaganza. Aspiring leaders of tomorrow display their sportsman spirit and make memories while winning their teams laurels on the field.

Nine B-schools from across the country participated in the event, bringing in teams of 40 members each:

  • School of Petroleum Management (PDPU, Gandhinagar),
  • Indian Institute of Sports Management (IISM),
  • Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance (SSBF), Pune,
  • Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies (DSIMS),
  • Shanti Business School (SBS),
  • National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NICMAR),
  • Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune (PUMBA),
  • United World School of Business, Ahmedabad, and
  • Institute of Management, Nirma University (IMNU).

After 3 days of gruelling matches where the players experienced stiff competition from each competing institute’s teams, the following were the final standings in all the sports played:

Table Tennis: Through true perseverance and composure, NICMAR beat IMNU in a close finals with a score of 3-1.

Lawn Tennis: IMNU’s Jaysheel Pandey, Sakshi Agarwal and Isha Saxena showed tremendous performances and defeated IISM in the finals.

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Badminton: IMNU, after defeating United and IISM, after defeating PDPU, in their respective semi-finals, put up a good fight against each other, but IMNU took the crown in the last game against IISM.

Cricket: The game changing partnership between PDPU’s Shrey and Jainik enabled them to win against NICMAR in an intense final match by 1 run.

Football: Even though IMNU started the game on a high by scoring their first goal in the first 10 minutes of the match, NICMAR’s brilliant defence in the finals against IMNU’s attacking skills, led them to victory.

Volleyball: Under the captaincy of Yatharth Bhardwaj, team IMNU played against defending champions PDPU and through constant team support and great effort, IMNU took home glory.

Through grit and determination, undying energy and enthusiasm, each player gave their all to make this sporting event a great success.

IMNU persevered and put up great performances, to defend their winning title and emerged victorious as the overall champions.

IMNU took home the winning trophy with pride and NICMAR were runners up in the final standings.

This article is contributed by Ipshita Paul –

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club