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Operations Management is shaping every avenue in business today, and is a main source of value creation for both the company and its customer. The experiences and observations of the managers who work first hand in the field are hence, invaluable. There are lot of emerging trends such as Automation in Logistics, or use of automation in Quality Evaluation in service sector. These new beginnings also present new challenges with regards to adaptation, implementation and improvisation of the processes and people involved.

A typical supply chain consists of procurement, storage, logistics, manufacturing and distribution of resources such as raw materials, components, supplies and finished products. Globalization has resulted in more dynamic and complex supply chains, owing to extension across geographies and varying regulatory standards. This has exposed companies to newer risks but has also created new opportunities. A company’s responsiveness to changing economic, social, and environmental landscape can potentially create growth opportunities and sharpen its competitive edge with associated risks that have to be managed.

The sharing of these insights in the form of an interactive discussion with the next generation of budding managers creates a unique learning experience and motivates  them for better participation & contribution in the upcoming sector of Operations, which is also the goal of this Conclave. For this reason, Institute of Management, Nirma University invites the best speakers to share their experiences on the upcoming topics and sets up the stage for meaningful panel discussions, all in the hospitality of its state of the art and lush green campus.

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