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Nirma International Conference on Management or NICOM is the annual international management conference organized by Institute of Management, Nirma University. NICOM aims at bringing together academicians, marketing and strategy experts, as well as practicing managers to deliberate on contemporary developments and issues in the field of marketing and strategy.

This year, the 20th NICOM conference is themed on “Contemporary Marketing: Concept, Practice and Method”. It will be held from January 5, 2017 to January 7, 2017. The conference will also feature keynote speeches by national and international speakers on diverse topics. In addition, the conference will have academicians and practitioners from across India and from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc. their research in as many as 40 sub themes viz, Brand Management, Marketing Analytics, Hospitality Marketing, Creativity and Innovation, Viral Marketing, etc.

Marketing and business strategy are becoming increasingly relevant in the current competitive world. At the same time, marketing is undergoing profound changes, both as an academic discipline, and as a profession. The emergence of web and social platforms has led to trends like crowdsourcing, gamification, virtual life and avatar, online brand community and the like, which has resulted in new challenges and opportunities. The theoretical framework of marketing is changing from a goods dominant field to being a service dominant and gradually to an experience dominant one. The resources and the mindset required to create experiences are different from those required to create products and services. The conference would thus be a platform for marketing and strategy scholars as well as experts to share their research and insights on different facets of the discipline.

Follow updates about NICOM 2017 at :

Official Website || Facebook 

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