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Sports Committee

It is said that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This is one thing which we the Sportzzz Comm believe in from the core of our heart. Sportzzz Comm formerly known as Sports Committee is one of the oldest committees present here at IMNU.

You may not have played or participated in any sport in your previous schools, but this would not be the same story here. We have a plethora of sporting events played around the year. The various sporting events organized by Sportzzz Comm at IMNU include:
1. Ice Breaking – As the name suggests, it is a friendly sports tournament/interaction between seniors and juniors comprising mainly of Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Throw ball
2. SlamDunk – An inter section Basketball tournament
3. Parakram – A national Inter B-School sporting tournament involving almost all major sports
4. Cric8 – An inter section Cricket tournament
5. Smashes – An inter section girls Badminton tournament


Then we have NCL, the biggest and the most famous sporting tournament at IMNU. The “Nirma Champions League” or NCL is a celebration of the spirit of IMNU to its core. The much awaited sports mega event happens once every year and sets the campus buzzing with activity. Anywhere you see- the cricket ground, the basketball, volleyball & tennis courts, the table tennis room or the classrooms- you find IMNU shivering with sports fever.

Let the blood rush through your veins…
Let your heart skip a beat…
Let your body reach new limits…
Let the moment take over your mind…
Let your soul cry out loud…
Let rest of the world fade out…
Let the SPORTZZZ take over…

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