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Placement Committee

Placement Committee IMNUFacilitators. Organizers. Planners. Change makers. Leaders. PlaceComm!

The Placement Committee, popularly known as ‘PlaceComm’ is the most coveted committee on Planet IMNU. Staying true to the Indian democratic philosophy, it is a committee OF the students, BY the students, FOR the students. It is a group of dedicated individuals who have taken up the mammoth responsibility of making careers of 240 batch mates. Their main responsibility is facilitating the recruitment process, which includes both the Summer and the Final placements. The Committee directs its efforts in creating a perfect match for the candidate and the company in terms of both profile and package, thereby facilitating the long-term industry-academia relationship. The addition of newer sectors and companies to the list of Stakeholders speaks for itself. Place-commers also play the role of boundary spanners, update and maintain a comprehensive recruiter database, help students with resume building and practically run the Logistics team for any conclave/seminar on campus

Placecomm is the first Committee to be selected on campus. Hence it is considered the most important. Needless to say, these super – 16 selected are the ones who represent the batch and work in line to meet the expectation of 240 students. The rigorous selection process tests qualities such as logical thinking, decision-making, perspective, patience, ethics and communication & presentation skills.



Working as a part of the Placement Committee imbibes in you the qualities that are bound to take you places. Activities such as the Annual Corporate Relations Building exercise and the rolling Placement Process teaches you to make structured decisions within difficult deadlines. Working in a large team boosts your skill to handle team dynamics and working under pressure gives you a glimpse of the corporate life that awaits you. Not to mention, being on this committee definitely builds your network that becomes a lifetime resource and keeps on growing.

To end on a lighter note, they say ‘A team that parties together stays together’. From ice breakers to farewell parties and everything in between- PlaceComm believes in working hard and partying harder… But these parties are just as confidential as the data they handle. It’s like that cliché saying- whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!


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