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Kaizen Committee

“Kaizen” stands for continuous improvement and we in the committee aim to achieve overall development of IMNU through this continuous improvement. There are three verticals that we work for namely, building and cultivating alumni relationship, internal process improvements and admission process coordination. Hence, we are the committee who connects the past (alumni), present (processes) and the future (admission) of the institute.


The flagship event of our committee, the “Alumni Day” takes place in the first week of October and is a grand two-day event that involves a lot of brainstorming, planning and execution. Alumni come and stay in campus for two days and relive the beautiful moments of their past. Distinguished Alumni Awards are the integral part of the day, where we give award to the alumni who have excelled in their respective fields. We also organize “Pratidhwani, the Alumni conclave” which is another major event of the institute and is a full day affair. Alumni from various sectors are identified and invited to deliver sessions and enlighten the students on the current trends in the industry.

The Alumni Database is maintained and updated by us which helps us keep in touch with our esteemed alumni in the best way possible. Starting in 2016, we have also started issuing Alumni Cards to the alumni which gives them access to the college and library for lifetime. Alumni Meets is another initiative by Kaizen to help alumni connect with their alma mater and each other as well. Institute Lecture Series, a weekly event, is one amongst the various activities where in industry experts are invited to address the students.

We at Kaizen, believe in making the lives of our incoming students a bit easier and clarify their doubts, if they have any. For this, we organize The Mentorship Programme and Senior Junior Meets which is country-wide. Quiz B is a business quiz which is organised for final year graduation students and CAT aspirants involving monetary rewards is undertaken by Kaizen which helps in the branding of the college. Every year during alumni day, we launch our yearly magazine, Al-Inc, which includes various events of the college, testimonials from alumni and messages from our beloved professors. We also publish Sapience, our alumni newsletter on a monthly basis which has been made into a comprehensive version now. We also maintain the Nirmayans group and Kaizen page on Facebook to strengthen the alumni relations. Of course there are various city WhatsApp groups which are actively being used to post various job postings and other requirements. Apart from Facebook and WhatsApp, we also maintain LinkedIn Alumni group and Alma Connect which are other formal online portals for our esteemed alumni network. The Batch Merchandising is also handled by Kaizen under which batch t-shirts, hoodies, college mugs, alumni t-shirts have been designed and distributed.



Being a part of Kaizen, there are opportunities to build your network, interact with people at all levels, have numerous opportunities to prove your capabilities and make a positive difference to your peers’ lives, to the college and more importantly to yourself!

Once a Kaizener, always a Kaizener!


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