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The Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee of IMNU is one of the most happening committees of the institute. Right from inducting the juniors to bidding adieu to the outgoing batch, the committee takes care of it all. Cultural Committee is responsccible for organizing every festival and days, be it Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Teacher’s Day, Garba Night or Lohri we celebrate it all so that every student feels at home.

The Cultural Committee organizes and manages the flagship event of IMNU i.e., Richter-10 & Perspective. Perspective is the annual management festival while Richter is our annual cultural festival. Spread over three days, during this time the college is dripped into the fervor and celebration of the biggest festival that IMNU witnesses over the year. The college during these days is brimming with students from different management colleges, from around the country, who come to participate in the event. It is one of the most awaited events of IMNU, wherein every club and committee is united to host this flagship event.

32726417_432004113910330_5908951340809191424_n.jpgAlso in the bag is the most delightful event that everyone loves to be part of – Paint Your Dreams – an event for the underprivileged and disabled children of the city. Children from different NGO’s and organizations are invited to IMNU. It is not just a drawing competition, it’s a fundraising event which helps us to secure their future education. Small events and games are also being held for the children to make their day a memorable one. It’s a wonderful feeling just to watch them smile and laugh, imagine how would it feel to make that happen.

The Cultural Committee is a bunch of people who love to make everyone’s life happening around here, they make the campus buzz all the time, they make moments for everyone to cherish throughout their lives, they make everyone smile, make the culture lively to get everyone out of the shackles of stress and trauma, they make everyone celebrate every festival, make people enjoy to the tunes , make people dance and make their days here in IMNU unforgettable – just simply “Make it Happen”.

This is Cultural Committee of Institute of Management Nirma University. It is responsible for the development of the culture at IMNU. And this is accomplished by celebrating every occasion, festival or event. This committee is strongly driven by passion and commitment. The credo of the committee is “We love what we do and we love what we represent”

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