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An expression of human emotions-the everyday nautanki!

We have a mask every time we meet someone, something that we feel will appeal the other, impress onto them. Have we forgotten the unique ourselves in the bid to be someone else? Discover yourself-the true self by knowing your emotions better than others. Do wear a mask-but that of your own choice.Its funnnn to act out and live Amitji, become basanti and talk to a crowd of hundreds- fearlessly.Each one has it in them, it is just a matter of unpeeling that layer of consciousness and becoming one with the person you wish to become. We at Chehre believe in freedom of thought and action.


Ready for some, Ahh what was that now-yeah, Lights, Cameraaa andddd ACTION!The act makes u feel the expressed emotion, each person in the audience feel the character that you perform.

In Chaplin’s name,

I, a Chehreian, pledge my devotion,

The Stage is my Home ,

The Stage is my Life,

The Stage is where I Live

And the stage is where I Die.

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