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NCL -2019

Be it fun, adventure, health or simply the thrill of competing, sports give you all!

Sportzzz Comm, the sports committee of IMNU kept the courts ready for everyone to play their hearts out in their most awaited event NCL 2019 from January 10th  to February 12th, 2019. Sportzzz Comm has been organizing NCL since 1996. Thus, this league has its own glory, its own legacy. NCL 2019 was a journey of 22 days, filled with hard work, passion, determination, teamwork and sportsmanship.

NCL is a championship between all the sections and thus, the participants played individually and also in teams to win their section the pride and glory. The dedication and hard work displayed by the students of IMNU was extraordinary!
They left no stones unturned to play their best and win the continuously for days.

NCL included both indoor and outdoor sports and games. There were individual, double and team events for badminton, basketball, lawn tennis, table tennis, athletics, cricket, chess, throwball, carom, NCL run and volleyball. 

The 22 days journey of sportsmanship was concluded by a closing ceremony on 12th February, 2019. All the winners of every sport were awarded with medals. The senior section of ‘Bravehearts’ emerged as the winners of NCL 2019 and ‘Argonauts’ as the Runners up of the entire series.

This article is contributed by Akshika Manocha –
Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Sports committee

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