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The second day of PR10 began with Halla Bol by Chehre, the Dramatics Club of IMNU. Four teams from colleges situated in different parts of the country performed nukkad naataks in the Student Activity Center of IMNU. The theme of the event was to propagate a social message via a play.

News Junction, the News and Current Affairs Club of IMNU, organized Pratidwandi, which brought out the negotiation and innovating skills of the participating students. Clique, the IT Club of IMNU, organized Excavate, which was a real time management case study competition on Data Analytics. Students of IMNU organized Live Parliament, which aimed to test the teams on the basis of knowledge, leadership, decision making ability, creativity and analytical skills. Rasparva, organized by Imprintz, the HR Club of IMNU, which made the students confront real-life situations that a newly minted HR Manager wouldface.

The day was also graced by a performance by the Gatka group, Kartab,organized by the Institute of Management, Nirma University. Their action-filled performance displayed a perfect combination of strength, valor and skill.

The afternoon session began with  “Bizzmeme” by Expressions, the Fun Club of IMNU was a blend of fun and business. The participants were given trending topics and meme templates to choose from. It was followed by the third round of Markenova, organized the Marketing Club of IMNU, Niche, in which each team selected a failed marketing campaign from those given to them and explained why it wasn’t successful, and provided solutions for the same. It was followed by the final round of MagnitudeF, which was built to judge the personal finance management skills of the participants. The participating teams enthusiastically competed against each other to come up with the highest valuation based on various decisions related to income, expenditure and personal investments. Razzmatazz, organized by the students of IMNU, was about developing a product in 15 minutes with strategies about pricing, features, developing a slogan, and the like. Aawahan, organized by Karwaan, the Public Speaking Club of IMNU, tested the most creative forms of public speaking. It consisted of a press conference round, in which each team represented an organization/political party/company and defended it when they were cross-questioned by the judge. Footloose,organized by Club Fiesta, the Music & Dance Club of IMNU, which was a dancing competition. Prayaas, organized by the Rotaract Club of IMNU, was an event that threw light on social issue like mob lynching, farmer distress, sanitation issues etc. Participating teams came up with a solution in terms of awareness campaigns, drives and initiatives that are feasible and can be Institute of Management,  Nirma University implemented to bring a revolution. Media Intelligence 360, organized the Media & PR Committee of IMNU, had a case study round about a Public Relations crisis.The Institute of Management,

Nirma University, organized Somnium, which was a performance by the singer and Bollywood actor Harrdy Sandhu. He performed his national hits like Naah, Kya Baat Ay,  Joker & Soch. He also performed a few retro and popular Hindi songs, as well as a few English pop songs. It was a night full of dance and music.

This article is contributed by Omkar Katdare and Akshika Manocha-
Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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