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Cric8 and Smashes

Sportzzz Comm, the Sports Committee of the Institute of Management, Nirma University, organized the intersectional events Cric8- The Cricket Competition (boys),  and Smashes- The Badminton Competition (girls). The matches were held from the 22nd of October to the 28th of October, 2018.


On the inaugural day of Cric8 and Smashes, the first match of Smashes was played between Alphaknights (MBA FT 2018-20, Section A) and Blackhawks (MBA FT 2018-20, Section B). Neha Rawat of Alphaknights helped the team win with a score of 3-1. From Titans (BBA-MBA 5th Year), Esha Raste and Shreya Goel of Titans showcased their skills in the match against Dreadnoughts (MBA FT 2017-19, Section D) and won with a score of 3-0. Argonauts (MBA FT 2017-19, Section A) vs Sultans (MBA FB&E 2018-20) played the last match of the day. Argonauts won the match against Sultan with the final score of 3-0.


The next day began with a face-off between Celestials (MBA FT 2017-19, Section C) and Cavaliers (MBA FT 2018-20, Section C), in which Cavaliers set a target of 52 runs. Akshay Bavaskar scored 36 runs and helped Celestials achieve an easy win. In the second match of Shauryas (MBA FB&E 2017-19) and Falcons (BBA-MBA 4th Year), the remarkable partnership of Aditya Dhiliwal and Snehal Kanjani helped Shauryas win by 8 wickets. In the evening, Sakshi Agarwal of Celestials performed exceptionally and led her team towards victory against Demigods (MBA FT 2018-20, Section D).


The third day started with a match between Dreadnoughts and Bravehearts (MBA FT 2017-19, Section B), wherein Bravehearts won by 7 wickets, with 4 balls to spare. Smashes started with a fierce match between Bravehearts and Shauryas. Bravehearts sailed to the next round with an easy 3-0 win. In the match between Alphaknights and Celestials, AlphaKnights put up a great fight, but Celestials played exceptionally and won with the final score being 3-1.


Day 4 of Cric8 and Smashes kicked off with the match between Alphaknights and Blackhawks, where after setting a target of 75 runs, Blackhawks dominated Alphaknights and won the match by 15 runs. The second match was played between Argonauts and Demigods, wherein Argonauts defended their 86 runs target. The next match, the one between Titans and Celestials initially tipped in the favour of Titans, but Isha Saxena of Celestials helped her team level the game at 2-2. The team effort of Celestials took the team forward in the tournament with a score of 3-2. The second match was played between Argonauts and Bravehearts, wherein Bravehearts won the match with a score of 3-1.


The morning of day 5 began with Cric8 quarter-final 1 between Blackhawks and Bravehearts. Bravehearts set a target of 110 runs for the Blackhawks. Blackhawks played well, but the fielding displayed by Bravehearts restricted them to a score of 72 runs. Bravehearts won by 37 runs. The second match was played between Sultans and Argonauts. Sultans won the toss and chose to field first. Argonauts scored 100 runs, and their consistently good bowling and fielding skills helped them win the match by 14 runs.


The final day of Smashes 2018 saw the Bravehearts win against the Celestials. In Cric8’s Semi-Final 1, held between Shauryas and Argonauts, Argonauts won the toss and chose to field first. Excellent bowling and fielding performance by Argonauts restricted Shauryas to a total of 49 runs. During the chase, Shauryas’ performance ensured that Argonauts could only match their score. In the super over, Kush Bagrecha of Argonauts saved the day by scoring 13 runs. Argonauts won the match by 6 runs.

Semi-Final 2 was played between Celestials and Bravehearts, where the remarkable batting by Bhaumik Seta helped the team achieve a grand total of 115. Celestials fought hard but didn’t quite match the performance of Bravehearts.


In the finals of Cric8 and Smashes drew closer, we witnessed an intensely competitive match between Argonauts and Bravehearts. Bravehearts won the toss and chose to bat first, managing to set a high target of 114 runs. The second innings witnessed Argonauts giving the Bravehearts a tough fight, but in the end, Bravehearts emerged as the champions of Cric8 2018, winning the final match by 41 runs.


This article is contributed by Omkar Nikhil Katdare-

Media Committee, IMNU

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