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Talk Show with Munaf Patel

Advaiya, a series of talk shows was organised by Nirma University on 1st and 2nd November, 2018 as a part of the event Praveg. The plan of the event was to interact with some of the most empowered and capable individuals, who have proved their girt time and again. It aimed at unleashing the untold story of people who made themselves synonymous with leadership and to know how they connected the dots.

One of the talks of the second and final day of Advaiya was with one of the fastest bowlers in the former Indian International Cricket Team, Mr. Munaf Patel. The talk was hosted by RJ Megha. The discussion began with the journey of Mr. Patel working in the fields of a small village called Ikhar, located in the district of Bharuch, to being a two-time world cup bowler. He recalled how his parents, having worked on the farms for the entirety of their lives, didn’t feel that there was anything worthwhile for Mr. Patel to do besides working in the fields and studying. Yet, his mother supported him when he played and practised cricket. This is also why upon being asked about a hero in his life, he says that his mother has, before anyone else, been his hero.



From here, Mr. Patel got to explaining how he trained for playing cricket. He travelled to and from Vadodara every day, as the city had a very prominent cricket culture. From Ikhar, his travel amounted to 140 kms every day. He trained at Alembic, where he was told by his trainer to take 33 wickets while playing to be noticed by his seniors, and to be considered for being a part of the team. Mr. Patel crossed the goal set by his trainer and raked in a total of 42 wickets. From this example, he explained the importance of setting a goal and succeeding the goal by exceeding expectations, or to keep trying even if one fails. At this point, Mr. Patel also discussed the memories he had with the popular cricket players of the country. Of all people, he specifically recalled incidents with Mr. Sachin Tendulkar, and Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Mr. Tendulkar was the first player of the International Cricket Team to notice Mr. Patel and the talent that he displayed while playing the sport. Mr. Dhoni placed a lot of faith in the players of his team, and believed in their capabilities.



The talk ended with a question on the what Mr. Patel felt is most important to succeed in life. He said that hard work comes high on the list of priority, but the most important aspect of success in life is the mental strength. Staying strong even in the face of adversity is what counts, and is the deciding factor as to whether one will succeed in achieving one’s life goals.

This article is contributed by Omkar Katdare-

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

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