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Diwali Celebration by Nirmaan

Diwali- In this celebration of enlightenment, which symbolises the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance”, the Nirmaan club conveyed a grin to everyone’s face. The occasion, which is highly symbolized by the purchase of dresses, toys, desserts, treats, little things that make people feel elated, was wonderfully organized by the team. The club tried offering Diwali happiness to the unprivileged families and provided them a wonderful chance to celebrate this day. The kids and their family members burst crackers and the club members lit diyas in their houses. The event was also marked by providing families with water filters which they could not afford.

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IMNU feels honoured by sharing happiness with the small kids and their family. It made the members feel at home as everyone was very friendly and a sort of bond was developed with them. We have people among us who we wish to share the happiness of Diwali and its tough for them to praise or plan for any celebration because of money constraints. For them, there is no contrast between a typical day and an exceptional day. The Nirmaan club put their best efforts to make this day something different from their typical days. The pleasure was clearly recognized and the joy that was passed on to them was incredible, which cannot be clarified by words. It was simply colossal. This kind of joy can be felt on such occasions. This type of satisfaction has a deeper meaning.

Diwali celebration by Nirmaan

This is just a small effort to make our Diwali beautiful and far superior to others. The pleasure of giving is the greatest happiness. Moreover, the joy and smile that was clearly recognized were simply inexplicable and cannot be characterized Thanks to this, the students could offer happiness to nearly 20 families.

This article is contributed by Anjali Kumari-

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

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