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Talk Show with Shri Vijay Rupani

Advaiya, a series of talk shows was organised by Nirma University on 1st and 2nd November 2018 as a part of the event Praveg. The plan of the event was to interact with some of the most empowered and capable individuals, who have proved their girt time and again. It aimed at unleashing the untold story of people who made themselves synonymous with leadership and to know how they connected the dots.

The final event of the first day was a talk show with the Honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Vijay Rupani. The talk was hosted by RJ Dhvanit Thaker of Radio Mirchi. The beginning of the discussion revolved around Mr. Rupani’s decision of entering politics. He said that he joined politics with the aim of helping the people of the nation. A sense of patriotism was instilled in him ever since he joined the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak (RSS) at the age of 7. Recalling the incident of Navnirman Andolan, he mentioned that he strongly believes in the idea that “The Youth is the Power of the Nation”.


Mr. Rupani moved on to talk about the emergency period during the Navnirman Andolan. Discussing how the fight against the economic crisis and corruption had led to him being jailed for a year, he stressed on the importance of the four pillars of any successful democracy: Parliament, Judiciary, Media, & Opposition. During the emergency period, these fundamentals were shaken to the core. To be a part of the movement which righted these wrongs, he educated himself with the literature of countries which had undergone major political & social revolutions.

Upon being asked of a memorable event from the day on which the Statue of Unity of Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was unveiled, Mr. Rupani recalled his conversation with the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, during which he felt humbled to have been a part of something so grand and magnificent. Here, he also mentioned how as the CM of Gujarat, he wished to uphold and uplift the standards of development set forth by Shri Narendra Modi.


Mr. Rupani discussed the messages for the youth from Sardar Vallabbhai Patel’s. He said that mental strength, faith in self, and perseverance were of utmost importance for one to be successful in life. He said that we should all aim to place perseverance above money, in terms of what drives us in life.

Moving on to his personal life, Mr. Rupani discussed how Mrs. Anjali Rupani, his wife, supported him in overcoming the hurdles in his life. Having been a part of ABVP herself, she understood the hardships that Mr. Rupani faced throughout his career. In a very unfortunate incident that occurred in his life, Mr. Rupani’s son had passed away at a very young age. Mrs. Anjali Rupani acted as a pillar of strength and stayed peaceful and calm. To overcome the grief in this part of his life, he became a part of projects which helped in the upliftment of children, by giving them educational support and providing them with the basic needs of life.

The talk ended with Mr. Rupani discussing the future of Gujarat. With an increased focus on improving the infrastructure, healthcare, agriculture, and proper fulfilment of primary needs and upliftment of the poor, his vision is to make Gujarat’s cities the best in not just the nation, but also in the entire world.


This article is contributed by Priya Thacker & Omkar Katdare-

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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