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Talk Show with Major Gaurav Arya

Advaiya, a series of talk shows was organised by Nirma University on 1st and 2nd November 2018 as a part of the event Praveg’18. The plan of the event was to interact with some of the most empowered and capable individuals, who have proved their girt time and again. It aimed at unleashing the untold story of people who made themselves synonymous with leadership and to know how they ‘connected the dots’.

The first day of the event began with a talk show with Major Gaurav Arya. He joined the Indian Army in 1993 and was commissioned into the 17th Battalion, Kumaon Regiment in the year 1994. He industriously served the Indian Army for 7 years. But as it is rightly said that a soldier shall never be off duty and shall contribute in every way possible, despite leaving the army due to some mishap, he continued to provide his services across different sectors which is truly inspiring. And so he chose to enter media because it is one of the most effective ways to initiate a positive change in the country.


He went on to complete his MBA and became the CEO of a company. He recently resigned as the President of a Singapore based multinational. Major Arya is a keen writer whose work is enthusiastically followed on social media. Many online magazines have published his articles.

He has now joined Republic TV as Advisor – Defence & Strategy to produce programmes on Military and strategic affairs. He is a TV host and anchors the immensely popular weekly TV show PATRIOT. This TV show is on soldiers from all forces and is about introducing the country to new heroes.

Major Gaurav Arya is also a popular public speaker. He speaks on leadership, motivation, team building, strategic affairs, national security and capability building.


In his interaction with the students, he began by talking about remembering heroes like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He said that just like when India was under the British rule, today also there are many external forces hindering India’s independent rise. “We must learn from history, otherwise, history has its ways of revisiting us”, he said. It is up to the youth to come together and fight for the country. By fight, he clarified that he did not mean youth fighting in uniform, with weapons. If a person is just and sincere enough in his/her respective job, that is quite a service to the nation.

Major pointed out a serious problem in the very mindset of Indians which is – a disconnect between rights and duties. Everybody demands their rights but few talk about their duties. If each and every person fulfils their duties to the best of their abilities, there will be no need for people to fight for their rights. The very fact that the Indian Army is not concerned about their rights but only focus on their duties, makes them heroic.

Major Gaurav Arya also talked in detail about the issue of Naxalism and that of Kashmir. He talked about their genesis and how the Indian Army is dealing with them day in and day out.


Towards the end of his talk, he spoke volumes about the importance of morality and being on the right path. “Wars are not won by weapons but by morals”.
Indian Army, he said, has never and can never lose for it is strong not just by weapons and by number but its strength lies in its morals and righteousness.

Major’s address filled the audience with a sense of devotion and dedication for the nation. It motivated the students to always do their part in the best way possible without compromising on one’s morals.

This article is contributed by Akshika Manocha-

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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