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Team News Junction hosted their first event for this term – Nouvelles – on 10th October, 2018. To conduct an interesting event centered around news and to keep all participants interested and engaged is a mammoth task, towards which the organizers put in commendable effort. The event was both informative and entertaining. Starting with an online quiz at midnight on October 9th, the first round of the event picked out the quick-witted and aware. The second round of Nouvelles, too, saw a good number of enthusiastic teams showing up despite some clashes in class schedules.


The first of the rounds was a time-bound recall-testing round. Each participating team (comprising 3 members) were given an envelope of chits representing facts from 5 different major event timelines, and their job was to arrange each of the 5 event chits in chronological order of their respective main event. This round filtered out the top 8 teams to qualify for the final round of Nouvelles. The finals were a battle of collective speed, memory and presence of mind. Each team member’s task was to skim through a newspaper handed over to them (one per team), and note down the note-worthy facts. A written quiz based on those very newspapers, tested the teams along the way. The winners were the highest scorers in the final newspaper-reading quiz round.


Of 20 participating teams, Team VAST DEFERENCE took the crown in this event. The runners up were Team ZIPPY TRADERS, Team LEADERS and Team WASTED POTENTIAL.

Events like these are an important part of our MBA journey, where, through fun and games, they inculcate good habits like reading newspapers and keeping up with the times. Kudos to team News Junction.


This article is contributed by Ipshita Paul  –

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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