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Pragaman 3.0

PRAGAMAN 3.0, the Entrepreneurship Conclave of Institute of Management, Nirma University, was organized by SWAYAM – The Entrepreneurship Club of IMNU. The conclave commenced at 10:00 AM on 3rd October, 2018, with the theme, “Boulevard of Entrepreneurship; Build To Last”.

Pragaman 3.0 meaning ‘Progression’ is a one-day conclave for young and aspiring entrepreneurs from the student fraternity. It is a platform for budding entrepreneurs to learn from the inspirational stories of entrepreneurs. It will also act as a common platform for participants to engage with like-minded individuals and share their ideas and stories.

The inaugural session was delivered by Padma Shri Dr. Anil Gupta, Founder of Honeybee Nework Sristi, Gian. He began the session by explaining what entrepreneurship is about. According to him, an entrepreneur is a risk taker, who is either doing something different, or doing the same thing as others in a different way. Dr. Gupta said that there are 5 steps of change; creativity, compassion, collaboration, effort towards disruption and creating a knowledge network. According to Dr. Gupta, entrepreneurship is a triangle of innovation, investment, and enterprise. Moreover, he questioned the students as to why freshers and students should be involved in doing something that others had been doing for a long time, concluding that every project undertaken by the students should add valuable original knowledge. Dr. Gupta ended the session by explaining his expectations from the students. According to him, it is important that the education imparted in government schools be improved. He also stressed on the importance of helping entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.


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The second speaker of the conclave was Mr. Sameer Aasht, Founder and Director of Alma Mater. Talking on the topic of “Sell me this Pen“, he explained that business is not about a one-time event, but something that occurs in the form of multiple transactions. According to Mr. Aasht, the key factor responsible in maintaining the reselling factor is the need to focus on the brand story and emotions which attract your customers. The brand story must be created keeping in mind the segment that is to be targeted. A journey towards a successful business cannot be a jackpot; a cycle of approaches is necessary to build it strong. Mr. Aasht concluded with the idea that taking the initial step and experimenting are the most important qualities of an entrepreneur, where there may be chances of failure as well as success. However, if no initiative is taken, there lies no chance of success.

The post lunch session was graced by Mrs. Jyoti Sudhir, Chairperson- IWN Gujarat State at CII and Owner of Image Consulting Business Institute. She spoke on the topic of ‘Women & Entrepreneurship’. Doing away with the post lunch syndrome with an interactive talk show, Mrs. Sudhir spoke about her journey as a wife, mother and an entrepreneur. According to Mrs. Sudhir, the industry is not men-centric anymore. Women have to make the choice between giving up, or fighting for what they really want. This is because the general trajectory of women includes climbing up the ladder for a few years, which are proceeded by a regression if she chooses to look after her family. She also threw some light on the influence of personal choices in moulding an individual into an entrepreneur by giving her personal experiences. Then she proceeded towards giving an idea about image management, which according to Mrs. Sudhir, is about being attractive, dressing appropriately, along with being affordable. She concluded her talk by stressing on the importance of soft skills, perseverance and the practice of patience.

The Digital Gandhi was the next speaker of the event. A 9-time Tedx speaker, he addressed the audience on the topic ‘How to be an Entrepreneur in 2030’. He conducted an activity-based session to help the students understand how they could free themselves from the moulds of society, and develop a mindset which can help them in overcoming difficulties and set up successful enterprises.

The last speaker of the event was Mr. Sanandan Sudhir, Founder of Invent India and President of Indian Investors Association. He had an interactive session with the students on the topic of ‘The Start-up Ecosystem needs some Repairs’, with idea generation as the base topic. He helped the students in getting insights into the start-up industry.

With this, Pragaman 3.0 came to an end, with the student fraternity benefitting from the stories of the entrepreneurs who have made their mark in the entrepreneurial scene of the country and the speakers benefiting from the interaction with young minds.


This article is contributed by Nandini Kansal –

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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