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6th Lecture Series- New Management Practices in the Corporate World

Kaizen- The Alumni Relation Committee of The Institute of Management, Nirma University, conducted the 6th session of the Lecture Series of academic year 2018-19. Mr. Upendra Namburi, Chief Innovation & Marketing Officer at Bharti AXA General Insurance, talked about new management practices in the corporate world, and provided insights into the inner workings of what is commonly referred to as the “Gig Economy”.

Backed by experience of having been a part of the launch teams of products like Payback (formerly known as iMint), Yo Frooti, Yo Appy, MasterCard Secure Code and EMV, and many others products ranging across fields from the food industry to the financial services industry, Mr. Namburi is highly regarded in the fields of product design, product innovation and marketing. He started his lecture by mentioning how he enjoyed interacting with students for the fresh perspectives that they give. Speaking about his own methods, he mentioned how the process of writing helped him in getting sharper insights about all the things that he was a part of.


As Mr. Namburi started giving insights about the way in which the dynamics of the industry are changing, he mentioned how throughout his life, constraints had helped him in producing results which were a lot better than the results that an abundance of resources produced. Citing the example of a marketing project which he was heading, he said that the lack of a big marketing budget ensured that his team developed an innovative marketing campaign instead of mass promotion in a conventional form. Thus, what may seem like a lack of resources might end up in producing something simple, yet extremely effective.

Speaking about product development, he advised the students on the importance of applying the results of research methods in a proper manner. His words, “Research can lead to blindness” highlighted the importance of not relying on research too heavily. He advised the students “Unlearn more than you learn” and ended the session with another quote- “The day you stop reading, you stop learning”.

This article is contributed by Omkar Katdare–

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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