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4th Lecture Series – Making the Most of Your MBA

‘Making the most of your MBA’ was the topic of the 4th lecture series that IMNU conducted on 20th August, 2018. The speaker, Mr. Naveen Bachwani, who is Group Head – Customer Experience at Edelwiess, brought insights from his vast experience of two decades.

The topic sounds rather monotonous and redundant but his address proved it otherwise. He opened his lecture with a rather interesting example of how George Lucas made his mark in Hollywood with Star Wars and how turning down an opportunity to earn $500,000 made him what he is today.

He then touched upon a concept of India: Three Countries. While most of us scratched our heads about what the title could mean, he simplified it for us by stating the economic (income) levels which divides the nation into three. This concept was a derivation for we as MBA students to decide which of the three Indias to associate ourselves with. And therefore, channelize our energies accordingly.

He analogised life with a Wisdom Tree whose trunk meant supertexts, texts that are important for investment purposes; leaves which referred to noise and, mainstream sensationalised daily news and fruits which resonated enduring books, blogs and other useful information.

What intrigued a lot of the students was the spectrum of readings that an MBA student ought to know about. On one end lies the Ephemeral Reading which is a fancy word for the daily humming of the newspaper and on the other lies Enduring Reading; reading the sort of material that adds value.

He then went on to mention The Relationship Bank which is the “give and take” relationship and that giving comes first and foremost.

His address included a lot of references to articles that he advised us to read. It did give the students a lot to ponder upon which was reflected in the questions that he answered at the end of the session.


This article is contributed by Kavya Shah –

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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