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Friendship Day at IMNU

Wide smiles adorned the faces of everyone who came to celebrate Friendship Day with our young friends from Saral. The event, jointly organized by the Rotaract and Saral clubs, saw enthusiastic IMNU students creating an atmosphere of fun and frolic in the F2 canteen. This initiative by both the clubs, involving a combined effort, reflected true friendship and brought happiness to all present.

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The event kicked off with fun games for the children. The first game of balloon-bursting saw Sunil as the last man standing with an unburst balloon. This was followed by several rounds of bowling in teams of 3. Music and dancing along with games like “Statue, Dance!” took all the adults there on a trip down memory lane. The winners of each of the games received chocolates as prizes. Then came the most iconic friendship day activity of exchanging friendship bands with the children and also among the participating students. After the fun and games, everyone helped themselves to refreshments.

The event ended with a thoughtful gesture from IMNU students, by gifting slippers to the children. It could clearly be seen from the joy etched on everyone’s faces how this gesture had made their day. The spirit of friendship was upheld in organising this wonderful event that filled all those involved with delight.

This article is contributed by Ipshita Paul –

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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