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Break the Code – 5.0

Optimus, The Operations Club of IMNU launched the fifth edition of their Treasure Hunt event “Break the Code 5.0” on 4th August, 2018.

They introduced the event with a quote – Extraordinary things are always hiding in the places people never think to look.

The pre-event coined “Kaidi No. 5.0” had participants in teams of 3 rack their brains to solve a riddle that would lead them to the location of a key. The key would eventually lead them to a box containing Amazon gift cards. The team CKC took away those gift cards.

The first round was a memory game where the participants were shown a ppt with pictures of products. They were then given a sheet wherein they had to identify the products they had seen on the ppt.

The second round was a very innovative one. It engaged the participants in activities where one had to drop bottles with a ball in a sock tied to the head. The second participant, who was blindfolded, was to go through an arrangement of red and green glasses. The dropping of red glasses led to a loss of 15 points and the green ones fetched 10 points. The third participant’s job was to instruct the one who was blindfolded.

5 winning teams of this round went to the last round which was a Treasure Hunt that covered the entire University campus. Teams had 20 minutes per clue at their disposal. The Shaqs emerged victorious after the long toil of the university grounds. The Falcons were next and The Unagi were the second runners-up.

The entire event stirred a lot of zeal among participants and audience.

This article is contributed by Kavya Shah –

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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