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The Finance Conclave – 2018

The second day of Utkrishta ’18 began with sessions by speakers from the domain of Finance. Our first speaker, Mr. Ritesh Chavan, the co-founder of The Money Roller, spoke on ‘Life of a Financial Market Trader’. He listed out the few reasons why people generally do not trade in the financial markets and how that turns out to be a shortcoming affecting our lives. A few interesting takeaways from his session was that a good trader is a good researcher and research never begins with Google. Another one being that a trader does not require any qualification. He drew an analogy of his first experience as a trader to that of his first experience as a professional cricketer. Adaptation is the derivation of theories based upon your own understanding which is especially implemented in trading.

Our second speaker was Mr. Mitesh Desai, Vice President – Finance, Mizuho Bank. He began the session by explaining the various products offered by Mizuho Bank. While giving an overview of the banking products, he explained Trade Finance, Retail Banking & Banking Operations. He explained how it is the job of the bank to decide who it distributes assets like credit cards and loans to, as they have to ensure that these entities do not become non-performing assets.

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The third session was addressed by Mr. Hrishikesh Deshmukh, CFA, and an alumnus of IMNU. His main focus was on Disruptive Technologies Shaping Our Future’. He initiated the session by mentioning the four revolutionary inventions that have shaped the world as we see it today – Fire, Wheel, Printer, and Internet. He explained how humans could face an existential crisis if AI takes over even the basic functions like making a restaurant reservation. He then moved on to explaining blockchain, and specifically Bitcoin. He talked about all the aspects of it, starting from its origin, all the way up to its application and career opportunities.

The sessions from the domain of Finance concluded with a session by Mr. Apoorva Vora, Founder & CEO at Finolutions Wealthcare LLP. The session was based on the theme of ‘Changing Dynamics of Private Wealth Management’. He described the participants and the stages in which they are involved in wealth management. The areas of research in this field,  and its evolving practices were some of the main points he touched upon. More and more investors are putting their money in stock markets instead of other investment avenues, which only highlights the importance of wealth management. He also mentioned the latest developments and other constituents related to it.


This article is contributed by Omkar Kadtare & Anjali Kumari –

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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