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The Operations Conclave – 2018

As the Marketing Area sessions concluded, the Operations Area sessions kick-started with the first speaker Mr. Manikandan Murugesan, Head India Supplier Quality & Zero Defects Program, Supply Chain, Civil Aerospace Operations, Rolls Royce India Pvt. Ltd. The theme of his session was ‘Path Breaking Practices to Achieve Zero Defects’. He set the tone by saying – “Whenever you don’t attach importance to perfection, you won’t try to achieve Zero defects”. He further emphasized on the point to have project management skills to achieve zero defects.

The next speaker to grace the conclave was Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh, National Head, Buying and Merchandising, Reliance Retail Limited. His session was based on ‘Retail Operations & Merchandising Innovation’. He started off with showing a video on the attitude of a champion and what makes him distinct. He then shifted his focus on the evolution of retail operations and how it has snowballed from Kirana Shops to e-retailers. Operations excellence is based upon productive loop that is apply the theorem of “Less is More”. He finished his address by pointing out that winning with price perception is very important.

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Mr. Muralidhar Pundla from Akshaya Patra stated that the foundation serves 1.7 million children from 14,200 schools every day. The tone of his address was ‘Quality Management – The Akshaya Patra Way’.

The last speaker of the day was Mr. Anil Patel, Sanand Plant Head, Ford Motor Company talks about the four pillars of Ford – Quality, Green, Safety & Smart. He spoke about Zero Defect manufacturing and Higher Productivity. He stressed on the fact that Quality is the main aspect that the manufacturers have to keep in mind while forming a product strategy. He also stated that creativity and actions are the two main aspects of innovation.

With this, the sessions from Operations are ended.


This article is contributed by Anjali Kumari & Kavya Shah

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club


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