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Transforming Businesses digitally- today and for tomorrow by Dr. Kushal Sanghvi, Director at Apprify and Vice- Chairman- India at I-Com Global

The Second episode in the 2018-19 season of the Institute Lecture Series at Institute of Management, Nirma University was organized on the 6th day of July. The theme for the session was “Transforming Businesses digitally- today and for tomorrow”. 

Sir began with engaging the audience by asking about the digital habits and tech-acumen of the would-be managers in the auditorium. Sir stressed upon the importance of ‘Klout’ which integrates various social media platforms and generates a Klout score, an algorithm to check the propensity of the company to pick a prospective candidate.  The klout score depicts the digital quotient of that individual. He emphasized that it is very crucial for anyone who is looking to make a career in the corporate world to be active on LinkedIn and any one social media platform. In a world that is moving towards absolute digitization, the recruiters are likely to screen the students on how expressive one is and how well networked he/she is to the outside world.

Sir appealed to the students to be active on social media and post things that would give out signals to their dream company which in turn would enhance the possibility of the company approaching them.

He exemplified Oyo Rooms and transport systems like Uber and Ola that are using technology to build and grow their businesses. He went on to say that it is a general notion that technology is disrupting everything; which in fact is not the case. He pressed upon the point that Technology is highly crucial for the marketing people who are constantly finding out a way to make their customer’s lives more convenient. He quoted, “Marketing Communication is all about finding the inherent needs of the consumers that can be satisfied. Each and every nano second of the conversation with the customer is mapped, plotted and recorded which the companies are extensively using to give out personalized offers and deals.”


He underlined, Technology is helping businesses sell their products and services faster.

Towards the end of his session sir asked the students about their aspirations and goals and tried to get them thinking about the value that they have to offer to their potential recruiters. He said “If you can’t sell yourself to your target company, why would they hire you to sell their product.

This article is contributed by Meenakshi Pandey-

Media and PR Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club


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