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The Illusions of Success by Mr. Tanmaya Jain, Founder and CEO at inFeedo

“Go against the wave of commons and create your own story…”

Institute of Management, Nirma University, continuing its tradition of holistic learning and development, conducted the first edition of the CEO-Lecture Series for the academic year of 2018-19 on Friday, 29th June 2018. This time, the institute hosted Mr. Tanmaya Jain, Founder and CEO at inFeedo. The topic for the session was: “The Illusions of Success”.

Being a successful entrepreneur at the age of 23, Mr. Tanmaya shared his success story and the struggles of his life during the establishment of inFeedo. He started the session by decoding the meaning of success and happiness. He emphasised on the point that the each of us have a different version or definition of the concept of success and happiness. Through his life experiences, Mr. Jain urged the students to amend the materialistic definition of success to a more holistic and improvised version which gives prime importance to the deeds and doings instead of returns and earnings.


Then came his most important message of the day which he himself implemented to achieve this feat: “Go against the flow”. As he said, when you want to achieve something, certain contemporary systems often restrict one’s abilities and efforts to box him in. And that is why you go against the common flow. He shared his story during the graduation days when he presented his idea to the vice-chancellor of his university to grant him leave and give him the space to push for developing the idea of inFeedo. He stressed upon the point that “overnight success” is a myth. Even if you can distinguish the point and time of success, you cant term success as entirely an overnight’s phenomenon; as it has a history of countless failures behind that one night of turning the idea into a success.

Being the first session for the academic year 2018-19, it proved as a motivational and inspirational session for the new batch of 2018-20. It gave them a boost to think positive towards realising their dreams even if it involves going against the conventional norms of society. This enthusiasm was displayed by the standing ovation that students gave to Mr. Tanmaya Jain as he finished his talk.


As he mentioned in the post-session interview with the members of the Media and PR Committee of IMNU, he felt connected with the students as he delivered right from the heart. “Whatever you are speaking or talking about, it has to be right from the heart”, he said. The session, as the name depicted, gave students a new illustration of happiness and success which they will hopefully carry through their life.

This article is contributed by Rohit Bhat

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club


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