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Ice-Breaking Tournament 2018

Fresh start. Starry Eyed. Palpitation. And the millennial energy.

Here they were, the freshers in their first few days at IMNU, lost in the chaos of keeping up with classes and getting to know people. All they needed was an opportunity that could break the ice and pave the way to life-long friendships. It is said that Sports unmask your true personality. Thus, therefore, hence, “Khelo Nirma Khelo”.

The Sportzzz Committee of IMNU organized a refreshing intra-IMNU ice-breaking tournament starting 11th July 2018 till 14th July 2018.

The tournament kick-started with a friendly football match between the seniors and the juniors. The Juniors emerged victorious with a score of 2-1. We have the Junior team Captain, Milan Chauhan’s testimonial: “It was quite an experience. The seniors were tough to beat. After going 1-0, the team responded very well. The match was a perfect example of team work. It was indeed a great start to our MBA life”.


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The following days saw the junior and senior teams pitted against each other in Volleyball, Throwball, Table Tennis & Lawn Tennis for a fierce showdown. The Bravehearts (senior section B) won the Volleyball tournament in a terrific display of sportsmanship. The Celestials (senior section C) took pride in winning the Throwball and the Lawn Tennis tournaments. The Junior Section B made their mark by winning the Table Tennis tournament.


The four days saw a great hustle and bustle in the campus that hasn’t died out yet. The ice-breaking tournament not only recognized new players but also forged new bonds amongst everybody – players as well as their audience. 

This article is contributed by ~

Junior Media & PR Committee, IMNU


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