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Mounika Pinnamaneni at Reserve Bank of India

“Being a small town girl, it was a dream come true to be working in a big institution like RBI. A slender amount of tension crept into my mind when I got to know that I have got placed at RBI, Ahmedabad.

I started my internship right after my exams so that I could soothe my excitement levels. I received a warm welcome from the employees, and to my surprise, the project on which I had to work had been decided two months prior to my joining. Their seriousness towards work made me feel all the more committed. My mentor explained my work and his expectation from me on the very first day. In a few days, I became a part of the RBI family. It was at RBI that I met many ambitious youngsters who were striving hard to make difference in the country with their work. I felt so connected with the organization that I felt the need to work genuinely and provide worthy results.

During the course of my internship, I got the opportunity to share my experience with interns from other institutions as well. I also got the opportunity to meet the Regional Director who took care and paid attention to my project, and his interest towards my work inspired me. In spite of their busy schedule, all the employees took out time to mentor me and helped me in making my work even more valuable. I was overwhelmed with the kind of attention and affection in the form of a farewell function arranged by the office employees. Truly, the journey of those two months was like a fairy-tale and everything was so perfectly designed for me. Later, RBI implemented some of the ideas that I had proposed and I was on cloud nine as the prestigious regulatory body in India felt that my ideas were valuable enough to be executed.”

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