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The HR Panel- Pratidhwani 2018

The three guest speakers for this session were Mrs. Shalu Sood, Mrs. Aditi Jain and Mr. Sekhar Kumar Anupindi. Mrs. Shalu Sood belongs to 2002-2004 batch and is currently the Head HR (Service Delivery Unit) at Sterlite Technologies. She spoke about the importance of humility at every step of one’s interaction in the industry. She said,

You will not get to make strategic decisions in the initial years of your professional career especially if you are working in a formal structured corporate house. The first few years are going to be more about following and then about leading. Getting your hands dirty on the first day would be the best thing to do. You will have to unlearn the theories you studied in books because practical environment is very different. There is no single practice.

She concluded the lecture by advising the students to choose their battles wisely.

Mr. Sekhar Kumar Anupindi, DGM (Aerospace quality) at BEML talked about how organizations need a set of right people ready to take things in the right perspective. He shared his success mantra with the audience, which was

Yada Raja Kada Praja

which means that your people and your culture determine the sustainability of your organization. The future HR aspirants gained a lot of enriching insights as Mr. Anupindi explained the need to devise the means of selecting people who are good in the emotional dimension. The lecture culminated on the thought, “Share the knowledge you have with other people. The more you share the more you get.”


Mrs. Aditi Jain, batch of 2007-2009, is currently the Corporate Manager (Strategic HR and Talent Management) at Reliance General Insurance. She threw light on the realities of the industry by saying,

The first few jobs you will land into will demand you to take things to the finish line that have already been structured. It will demand you to implement and execute rather than generate ideas.

She went on to explain how crucial it is to align what the people in the organization want with what the organization wants. She very creatively explained the significance of time management by elaborating the policy of ‘Super Wednesday’ in her organization where the office was closed right on time at 6 pm so that overtime is avoided. She summarized the lecture by focusing on the thought that first rate execution and a second-rate strategy is any day preferred over a brilliant idea and a mediocre execution.



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