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The Finance Panel- Pratidhwani 2018

The first panel discussion on Finance was graced by Mr. Vishal Thakkar, Founder Director, Tridha Advisors Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Naresh Golani, Associate Director, CARE Ratings. Mr. Vishal Thakkar talked about financial inclusion, the need to find gaps and building viable business solutions, the untapped potential in microfinance and the purchasing power of local communities. He exemplified HDFC bank to explain the cost of borrowing of a bank and stated,

“I don’t need to be a Pan India best credit provider. I can be the best credit provider in Ahmedabad and that is good enough. Every entrepreneur should look into it.”

Throwing light on the great potential of financial inclusion at the bottom of the pyramid,  he concluded the lecture by stressing on the fact that credit industry helps greatly by lending the money and helping the borrowers.

Mr. Naresh Golani began by explaining the functioning of the Micro Finance Institutions and how the credit industry operates. He explained the concept of corporate finance restructuring and its significance. The uncertainties and fluctuations can lead the industry to lose its profitability. He also talked extensively on aggressive pricing/aggressive bidding. He elaborated this concept by putting up the example of Road sector and on what factors the bidding parameters depend. He concluded the lecture by emphasizing on the fact that financial restructuring helps reduce the financial burden on the borrowers.


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