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The second day of the annual fest ended with two high voltage events, “Kissa ek bar ka”, where two prominent personalities from the field of poetry, Mr. Amandeep Singh and Mr. Gaurav Tripathi, entertained the audience. The last event of the day was Sand Art by the famous sand artist MR. Sarvam Patel, wherein he depicted the events happening at PR 10 and the story of Bahubali.

The third and the final day of Perspective Richter 10 started on a high note in the morning with Pratibimb, organized by Club Pratikriti- The photography club of the Institute. As part of the first round of this event, the participants had to email two photographs on the theme, ‘Broken’. The second round was based on the theme ‘Standing Out From the Crowd’, where the participants were taken to the old city of Ahmedabad and were asked to click photos. The participants then had to present three photographs, each with a caption and their perspective, in front of the judges.

Bringing up the concept of ‘Make in India’, the third round of Pratidwandi, organized by The News Junction, had each qualifying team build up a business plan on a specific sector whilst adhering to the rules and regulations as per the “National Manufacturing Policy (NMP) – Make in India”.’


Excavate– organized by Clique- the IT Club was a case study based challenge on an automotive industry. The participants had to use their analytical skills and forecast a price for the products of the industry. For this, the participants had to prepare a presentation based on the case study and their results.

The final round of Markenova– organized by Niche- the Marketing Club saw the participants preparing solutions based on a real-life situation, using the concepts of STP. The participants had the option of presenting their solution in the form of a video or a PPT or an article.


The third round of Rasprava organized by Imprintz- the HR Club had the participants present their solution to a case study that was given to them. Each team would present their solution in the form of a PPT and would have to answer the questions by the judges.

Start-Up in 1 million– organized by Swayam- the Entrepreneurship Club required the participants to create an integrated B-Plan for a startup idea created by them.

Xquizit organized Pratiti, a quiz competition to test the general awareness of the participants.

Media Intelligence 360– organized by the Media Committee, had its third round on the theme ‘Channel Surfing’. The participants were given a list of channels and as the judges would switch channels, such as in a television, the participants had to spontaneously replicate a journalist or a character from the channel.

The third round of Cric D Flick was a continuation of the second round, where the participants had to use the runs scored in the second round to bid on players. There was a special formula that converted the runs scored into a virtual amount.

The third round of Stockmania– organized by ERT, was where the participants had to take part in live trading. The participants were required to create a portfolio based on virtul money and hypothetical situations that had been put in place.

The final round of Bizzine– organized by The Expressions Club, required the participants to create a magazine on a theme that would be given on the spot. The materials to create the magazine would be provided to the participants.

Day 2 of Intelstellar by NiChe: the Marketing club of IMNU had an amazing line of speakers- Mr. Ranjan Singh (Creative Head at Phantom Films) and Mr Ritesh Malik (Creator at Innov8) to deliver about their rich industrial experience and talk about the rapidly changing marketing tactics used both in the film and startup arena.

The event ended on a magical and musical note with the talented singer and music director, Ankit Tiwari mesmerizing the audience with his soulful voice during Somnium, the most awaited and grand event of Perspective Richter 10. 

Ankit Tiwari

With this, the 3 days of Perspective Richter 10 came to an end. 

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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