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After a successful first day of Perspective Richter 10, everyone at Institute of Management Nirma University, geared up for more exciting events on 19th January, 2018. A wide array of events started right from morning at 9:00 am that occupied the participants and spectators alike.

Imprintz- the HR Club of the Institute organized ‘Rasprava’, a simulation based case study challenge. This event sought to understand the participants’ stand on the evolving roles of HR Managers.

Recognizing the problem of solid waste management in our country, Optimus- the Operations Club of IMNU organized ‘Lynx- V’, a case study competition that made the participants brainstorm and come up with innovative solutions to tackle this problem. Pratibimb, a photography competition was organized by the Institute Photography Club- Pratikriti. In this event, the participants were taken on a city tour and were given themes to click photographs.  StockMania, organized by eRT Club, was a 3 round event which was organized to put the marketing knowledge of participants to test, in addition to taking their analysis, prediction and subject knowledge to a whole new level.

The most awaited event of this time was Halla Bol, a Street Play Competition organized by Chehre- the Dramatics Club of IMNU. Teams from various prestigious B-schools such as IIMs and NMIMS participated in this event and captivated the audience with their strong and intense performances.

Halla Bol

The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active. In order to bring about this change, Rotaract Club of IMNU organized ‘Spardha’, a forum to discuss issues in open rather than on social media. In this event, participants were required to make a video, a poster and a presentation on topics such as ‘LGBT’, ‘Intolerance’, ‘Substance Abuse’ and ‘Change in the Way we Think’.

Recognizing the power of food to bring people together, the Mess Committee of the Institute organized ‘Food Wars’, a competition of culinary warriors and a treat for all the foodies on campus. This event saw some unique and innovative dishes being prepared by the participants that satiated the taste buds of the foodies present.

To showcase the extraordinary human feats of balance, agility and motor coordination, ‘Kartab’ a rope and Malkhamb show by CN Sports Academy.


Fiesta- the Music and Dance Club of IMNU, organized ‘Euphoria’, a platform where talented musicians and singers battled it out by putting up their brilliant solo and band performances.

Club Sumantra – the Literary Club of IMNU went ahead with the second round of their event ‘Live Parliament’ wherein participants debated on to decide the laws that are going to govern the country.

Finesse – the Finance Club of IMNU, went on to conduct the second round of their event, ‘Magnitude-F’ wherein the participants were given financial ratios based on which they had to identify the industry. They also had to compare the company parameters with another company in the similar industry.

The Media and Public Relations Committee of IMNU organized the first round of ‘Media Intelligence 360’, named ‘Patrakaar’. For this round, the participating teams had to dawn the hats of video jockeys and cover the events happening in PR, which they had to present in front of the judges.

Kaizen, the Alumni Relations Committee of the Institute organized ‘Quiz- B’, an event for prospective MBA students. This event gave an opportunity to aspiring MBA candidates to experience life at campus and participate in a 2 round quiz that tested their general knowledge.

NiChe, the Marketing Club of IMNU hosted the second session of Intelstellar with Mr. V Shantakumar, Managing Partner at DoingThink. He highlighted some staggering facts regarding the death of traditional advertising in the near future and suggested some key pointers for grabbing hold of the viewer’s attention in this era of Advertisement clutter.


The evening of the second day of Perspective Richter 10 had two spectacular shows lined up. The first was ‘Kissa Ek Baar Ka’. This event was graced by Mr. Amandeep Singh and Mr. Gaurav Tripathi, who enchanted the audience with their soulful poetry and stories. The day ended with a show of Sand Art by the renowned Mr. Sarvam Patel.

With this, the second day of Perspective Richter 10 came to an end.

This article is contributed by Shreya Goel~

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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