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Nirmatatva Speaks Part 2: Ms. Bhakti Sharma

An inspiring story in herself of how the zest to bring a change you want to see in the world can transform lives, the second speaker at Nirmatatva was Ms. Bhakti Sharma, who is a Sarpanch of Barkhedi Abdulla Village near Bhopal. Not only that, she also features in the list of top 100 most influential women in India.

Ms. Bhakti Sharma-

In her address to the audience, Ms. Bhakti pointed out the fact that the youth nowadays does not want to come out of their comfort zones. She compared success with devotion and meditation and said that the first step towards success is to accept criticism and demoralization with an open heart. She said that for the country to progress, it is important that the youth steps out of the perception that politics is a “dirty game”. She urged the students to take a pause and understand the state of rural India and come up with ideas that could change the way people live in villages.

Giving the example of the enormous achievements of her village, she pointed out to the students that they should join politics, become the well -educated political force, and that would turn India into a superpower.

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club


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