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Nirmatatva Speaks Part 1: Mr. Sanjay Raval

The first day of Perspective Richter 10- the Annual Cultural and Management Fest organised by Institute of Management Nirma University, started with Nirmatatva on 18th January, 2018. Nirmatatva is an event that bring together speakers from diverse domains who enlighten the audience with their life experiences and wisdom gained.

The first speaker who graced the event was Mr. Sanjay Raval. He is one of the most prominent Gujarati speakers, who has delivered various sessions on Personality Development and Fearless Life, stirring people’s emotions and motivating them.

Mr. Sanjay Raval-

At Nirmatatva, the main theme of his speech was “What is life”. Motivating the audience with his wise words, he focused on the fact that it is important to concentrate on the process rather than on the final result. He said, “Accept everything that comes your way”. He criticized the education system of India, which demands respect for the top performers and looks down upon the poor performers. Thus, the need of the country is balance. He also questioned the upbringing and the hypocrisy that we live with. He stressed on the importance of respecting our parents, teachers because he believes that they are the ones who will be responsible for bringing a change in society and individuals. He concluded his speech by quoting, “Whatever you do in your life, give your best”.

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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