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Uttarayan 2K18

Uttarayan, the kite festival is a great festive start to the year for state of Gujarat. From dawn to dusk, people of all age are seen flying kites. Crowded rooftops, delicious traditional Gujarati feast and the light-hearted rivalry to outdo each other in the kite-flying skills are the hallmarks of this high-spirited day. Every year, to mark the end of winter and beginning of its transformation into summer, the festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm by the name of Uttarayan in Gujarat, Makar Sakranti in Northern India and as Pongal in Southern states of India. As the packed academic schedule did not permit students to leave for home for the festivities, The Cultural Committee came to everyone’s rescue by organizing Uttarayan at the Institute of Management, Nirma University on the 14th of January 2018.

The arrangements were made for kites, manjha, music and traditional delicacies like peanut chikki, til chikki, pop-corn, jujube fruit, etc at the cricket ground of the university. Everyone started pouring in exuberantly for the occasion at 10 am. Even under the scorching sunlight and the wind being a spoil sport, people trying their hands on the kite-flying game for the first time kept striving with uplifted spirits. The stock of kites-manjha and the eatables were adequate enough for everyone to have a great time with.
As this day is euphoric for the Gujarati folks, the organizers made it a point to make the students feel at home. The Cultural Committee wrapped up the day with a grand success as they made the air at IMNU experience the kite festival for the very first time. The colorful kites dotting the sky marked an end to the grand Uttarayan jollification.


This article is contributed by Meenakshi Pandey~

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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