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Aarohan 2017 the Management Conclave of the Five Year BBA-MBA Integrated programme of IMNU, was organised by Aditya Vat- the Co-Curricular Committee of BBA. The conclave took place on 21st and 22nd December 2017 with the theme ‘VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) in the contemporary business’. 

The conclave sought to cherish the life journey of individuals who strive to make a mark in their work domain not just by the means of their work but the idea they inspire, the cause they stand for, the enterprise they build and the spirit they ignite around them.

Day 1 of the conclave was inaugurated by Mr. Swaroop Pandya, Associate Support Staff, CIIE. Having expertise in mentoring and guiding start-ups throughout the planning and execution stage, he spoke about the opportunities and risks that surround start-ups in the current volatile business environment.  Mr. Pandya stressed upon the need for an effective industry interaction and the importance of internships. He said that to build a successful startup, one needs a path-breaking idea, a supportive multi-disciplinary team and regular market analysis. While working with incubation centres for start-ups, he learnt that effective planning and execution are two sides of the same coin- one without the other is futile. He motivated the students to start working on their ideas of a startup early on due to the energy and spark present in them, and also because it gives them ample amount of time to experiment.

Mr. Swarup Pandya

The second session was taken up by Mr. Preet Shah, CEO of Molken Ltd. He spoke about VUCA in the international expansion of Molkem, the pharmaceutical company of which he is the CEO. He mainly focused on the application of VUCA while choosing a market in the present global scenario. He stressed on the fact that not only tangible factors but even the intangible ones play an important role while dealing with the uncertainties.

The last speaker of the day was Mr. Sanjay Chakroborty, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Esskssy Consultancy. He began with introducing “The New Indian Customer” as the king of the market, with the song “Hum toh aise hain bhaiya” and threw light on customer behaviour and customer insights and highlighted the significance of communication in the era. His message to the students was to keep learning every day and extract the most out of their interaction with professionals and apply the same in their professional lives.

Mr. Sanjay Chakraborty

Day 2 began with the alumnus of Institute of Management Nirma University, Mr. Sukhwinder Singh addressing the audience. He is the director of Libero Sports, a full-service professional athlete representation and corporate consulting company. Having been involved in the football industry for the last 15 years, Mr. Singh shared his journey with the audience, amplifying and emphasizing the importance of Marketing, Promoting and Branding in every field of business. Talking about VUCA, he mentioned that he believed that Uncertainty and Volatility have decreased in the past 10 years, but the industry has become more Complex and Ambiguous, especially with the increment in the financial aspect of the game. He derived a very important insight, stating that finding yourself in complex and ambiguous situations could make you lead the domain someday. 


The second speaker was Mr. Abhishek Desai, co-founder of DigiCorp and CEO of CricHeroes. His company has been awarded “The Best Mobile App Development Company”. He emphasised on the importance of reading. He reiterated the famous saying by Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge, pays the best interest.” Mr. Desai also mentioned that the problem today is not the lack of jobs but the lack of competent people.


The third speaker was Ms. Kinnari Desai, Chief Coordinator at Blind People’s Association. Being partially blind, she assists as an adversity manager and holds leadership programs to empower the disabled women in taking control of their lives. Losing her eyesight in 1996, she went through 5 surgeries and understood how everyone can help you-friends, family and even neighbours. She understood the power of positive thinking and was inspired especially by two audiobooks ‘Power of Positive Thinking’ and ‘Tough Times never last, but Tough People Do’. She talked about the importance of social inclusion and said that if India does not become socially included and employ people with disabilities, one day, we’ll have to pay disability cess as well- to support them in another way. She talked about how India still must develop a lot- in transport, entertainment, and other choices for the disabled. At the end, she ended with the message, “Being youth, you are currently at a very sensitive stage. You get depressed easily. Help yourself. Observe surroundings, and observe and help the vulnerable around you. Be humble and gentle. Support those who are neglected by the community”.


The last speaker for Aarohan 2017 was Ms. Shruti Chaturvedi, Founder and Editor at Chaaipani. At a young age of 23 years, she has captured the attention of readers across the nation with her storytelling skills. She started by sharing the real story behind the glamorous looking world of entrepreneurship. “Problems are just as big as you make them to be” were her words of wisdom regarding the hardships one faces along the path. Her mantra is, “take one step forward to take a risk and 2 steps backwards to get a look at the bigger picture.” Her biggest learning through her journey is to never lose faith in oneself. She managed to keep the audience engaged and by a simple activity of paper folding and tearing, she taught everyone how an individual’s way of handling complexities differs from another. Her advice to the students was to “play for the sake of it” since at a young age one has ample amount of time to fail and learn from mistakes.


With this, Aarohan 2017 came to an end, with the students getting a glimpse of the VUCA world and the ways to handle them from practitioners. 

This article is contributed by Heema Joshi, K.V. Anant Narayan, Saloni Lodha, Yash Kothari and Vanshika Barethiya  –
Media Committee, IMNU
Picture Courtesy: Spinshot- Photography and Filmmaking Club


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