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Sumantra – The Literary Club of IMNU organized a Literary event on 6th Dec 2017. There were more than 50 participating teams with 2 members each who came loaded with all the Book-ish Knowledge.  The event was full of fun as well as substantial amount of brain exercise. The first two rounds were quiz with the level of difficulty being raised in the second. There were fun filler rounds in between where all the participants had the chance to win assured gifts for being alert and answering first. Both of the quizzes were elimination rounds which left 12 teams in the end.


The final round was very interesting ‘Content Writing’ competition where two completely opposite words were provided and each member had to develop a story around one word and then they had two bridge these write-ups and bring them together into one final text.


The teams that proved to be ahead of others were as follows:

Second Runner Ups- Team AMIGOS – Harsh Khariwal and Atharv Atre.

First Runner Ups- Team BRAINEES – Prasoon Mishra and Brahmjot Singh Lamba.

Winners of BRAIN LITS’17- Team BUGS AND WILE – Shrey Agarwal and Shashwat Kaushik.

This article is contributed by Prasoon Mishra~

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club


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