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Paradigm 2.0

NEWS JUNCTION – The News Club of IMNU organised its second event of the season “Paradigm 2.0” on 19th December 2017. It was a fun and engaging event to pull the students out of the monotonicity that the assignments engulf them into. A pre-event was held which was an online quiz based on riddles and trivia to be answered on the Facebook page of News Junction.

The main event kickstarted with a traditional timed slide-show quiz which was given a fun touch of also guessing the Bollywood songs from their hilarious English translations between the general knowledge questions. A set of 55 questions were to be answered within a span of 10 minutes. The top 12 teams out of the 40 teams qualified for the next rounds. The sprinkle of novelty filler rounds with fast music wherein the participants had to speak a tongue twister or answer a riddle to win chocolates really pumped up the crowd.

The second round was another atypical challenge which required the participants to make the pyramid using empty cups. The catch of this game was that the participants were not allowed to touch the cups using their hands but have to blow a balloon inside the cup to lift it and make a pyramid.  The top 5 teams which gave the most mind “blowing” performance by making maximum number of pyramids within six minutes qualified for the final round.


The enthusiasm was revving in the teams as they were pulled to the IMNU back lawn to battle it off in the last round. It was a nerve-racking ordeal for the five teams as they had to solve a picture puzzle which was distributed in 9 pieces with each piece containing an individual puzzle. The correct answer of each individual puzzle piece revealed the picture of a famous personality which was to be guessed by the teams within 20 minutes.


Team Brainees consisting of Brahmjot Singh and Aditya Jakhotia touched victory with a wide margin with team NU Vines 2 consisting of Raheen Taj, Rushi Raval and Siddharth Kamdar finishing at the second place.


This article is contributed by Prakriti Dutta-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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