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Xquizit – The Quiz Club of IMNU was back again for the third time in this session to rattle the brains of students with “Sportify – The Sports Quiz” on 15 December 2017.

After the traditional online round, 30 teams were shortlisted for the offline round from a total of 55 teams. The first round was a pen and paper round in which each team was given 15 minutes to solve 20 questions. The questions were based on various sports events and sports personalities across the globe and required knowledge of current affairs from the contestants to answer them. This round was followed by a filler round which contained relatively easy questions. Teams were rewarded with chocolates on the basis of how fast they gave the correct answer.

16 teams qualified for the second round in which 7 questions were asked from each team. The deciding factor for this round was the time taken by the teams to answer those 7 questions correctly. The twist in the round was that one of the team members had to keep tossing a table tennis ball with the help of a racket. The team member was allowed to drop the ball only twice, after which the team would be disqualified. All the members were successful in keeping the ball away from the ground and hence the final decision was made on the basis of time taken to answer the questions and the number of correct answers.


A total of 8 teams qualified for the final round, which was the “Infinite Pouncing Round”. It contained 24 visual questions wherein the difficulty level was at its peak. The teams also had to choose between the decisions of pouncing or to play it safe as incorrect pouncing resulted in negative marks. While some pounces was fruitful, others resulted in negative points. The fact that even the team to which the question was directed was allowed to pounce for brownie points, made the round much more interesting and fair.

After the gruelling round of pouncing, excitement and risk taking, the following 3 teams emerged on the top of the chart:
Winners: Never Walk Alone – Harsh Dubey and Harshit Barai
First Runners up: Wasted Potential – Shashwat Kaushik and Shantanu Gupte
Second Runners up: Peace Frog – Kumar Mulani and Soumya Bakshi

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This article is contributed by Harsh Dubey-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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