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‘Sharing a room with someone creates a sense of togetherness. You don’t even have to try it, it’s the natural course of things, you read habits, moods and a natural sync develops.’ This was what rOOmies was all about. Expressions – The Fun Club of IMNU, brought out the best features of the roommates on the turf of IMNU. 

The event was already the talk of the week, with ‘rOOmies of the week’ being the pre event. In this, roommates were asked to post pictures of ‘Matching Tattoos‘ and ‘Signature Handshakes‘ and were judged on the basis of creativity and execution. The winners of this round from Boys were Ankit Jhunjhunwala and Anurag Singh (#H1-714) and from Girls were Pranjali Rastogi and Sakshi Prabhu (#H2-316).

The extravagant response for the pre-event was complemented with more than 70 registrations. The main event on 07th Dec 2017 had three challenging and fun filled rounds. 

The first Round was a quiz on ‘How well do you know your Roommate?‘ 
25 teams passed this hurdle to reach the next round. Meanwhile, a filler round of arm wrestling was organized, where exciting prizes were given to the participants. The 2nd Round was a special challenge designed to test how much trust the roommates have in each other’s steps. 

The third round was divided into two stages, first being ‘Dumb Charades’ on Hindi songs. This was also an elimination round, where 12 teams of rOOmies competed to show their bond, but only 8 could make it to the fight at the second and ultimate stage, where there was a unique ‘PaintBall-ish episode’ where 2 teams fought at a time and the one with the maximum points were winners.

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The teams that stomped to claim the title of rOOmies were:

Boys- Ankit Rathore and Siddh Shah #H1-702

Girls- Tanya Kumar and Sanskriti Choudhary #H2-705


The event was exhilarating and pacifying at the same time. It was the perfect 3 hour break for all the rOOmies of IMNU from the tiresome schedule.

This article is contributed by Prasoon Mishra

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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