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Filmy Akhadaa

We all love watching movies. With some films we relate ourselves, some inspire us and some entertain us and elevate out of the humdrum monotony of life. But how many of us actually remember the dialogues, the story line, and their characters?

Chehre – The Dramatics Club of IMNU, organized an event called “FILMY AKHADAA” to test everyone’s knowledge about Bollywood. Being a competition related to movies, it attracted a lot of crowd, all excited to showcase their knowledge.


The first round started with 4 teams facing off each other, which judged the team bonding and understanding. Each team had 3 members, with one member to guess the name of the movie via the dialogue given, the second had to draw something related to the movie and last member had to guess the name of the movie with the help of the drawing. Out of the 40 teams that participated, only 10 teams qualified for the next round.

The second round judged the dart skills of the participants and also their awareness about the characters of the movies. The number of characters to be guessed depended on the number that they aimed from the dart board. The round was tricky as they had to guess the name of the movie from the clues given to them, with dummy clues making the task little bit difficult. Only 5 qualified for the final round.

In the final round the teams had to make the poster of the movie with the help of thermocol cuttings that were provided to them. The name of the movie had to be guessed from the chit from the balloon which one member of the team had to burst blindfolded with the help of toothpick in the mouth. The team with the least time were declared as the ultimate winners.

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The final standings were:

1st Position: Team Fireflies

Runner ups: Team Sachin Sabka Baap hai



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This article is contributed by Harsh Dubey

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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