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“While it is wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experiences of others.” – Rick Warren. Keeping this wonderful thought in mind, Swayam – The Entrepreneurship club of IMNU hosted a talk show, the second episode of the third season of E-insight on the 1st of December, 2017. The guest speaker for the session was Mr. Tanneru Suresh, the co-founder of TechiesNest and a graduate from IIM, Bangalore.

Mr. Suresh was at the campus to share with us the story of his entrepreneurial success and how he never lost the sight of his dream despite several failures. The talk show started with getting to know about TechiesNest. To this Mr. Suresh responded by saying that the main concept behind the venture is supporting entrepreneurs with ideas and then evaluating them, developing them into a prototype and further helping the prototypes get into the business mode. Not only this, the business also introduces the customers to the investors to get the required funding. Currently, the start-up holds 250+ customers.


Then, he was asked about what he feels is the most rewarding thing of starting one’s own venture. To this Mr. Suresh said, “This was my third start-up after having failed miserably at two”. But despite all the hurdles that come your way, you need to keep a firm belief in yourself that the idea you have thought of will definitely work out. He emphasized on the fact that no matter how many people believe in you, you need to have an unrelenting belief in you. “Convincing people to give credence to your idea and trust you is a huge task in itself. I attempted to persuade 600-700 people to rely on my idea but could get only about 35 people on board and we have been stuck together since past 9 years.”

On getting probed to tell about what an incubation center is, Mr. Suresh went on to explain how an incubation center helps a start-up rise from a baby to an adult. They take complete care of even the smallest help that an entrepreneurial firm would need, to rise and shine.  They help the firms right from the formulation of the business plan, whether this idea should be taken further, provide the customers with the research and development labs to build the idea so that the customers themselves are driving the business. They help young aspiring entrepreneurs procure funding, a well-defined infrastructure, guidance and the application of the right technology in the firm. Hand-holding support is provided to people with innovative and unique ideas. Out of the 1000 ideas selected at TechiesNest, top 9 ideas are provided all support for free.


He shared from his experience that getting the first customer takes about 12 months. Sometimes, even getting a mere appointment stretches to 3-4 months. You would face resistance from not just your family members but also your own co-founders and team members. There might come a time when nobody would stand with you to support you. What will bring the difference is, despite all the stumbling blocks, your passion and dedication remains alive.

Lastly, Mr. Suresh delivered his suggestions and thoughts on how entrepreneurship has become the bandwagon and almost every third person wants to pursue it. To this, he immediately gushed, “They are all influenced.” He further added, “You need to have guts to become an entrepreneur. You have to bootstrap the entire business to start your journey. Your family and friends will not support your idea. It’s not as easy as they think.””You fail 100-200 times. It is okay. But to start all over again, you need guts.”

He ended the talk show by motivating the aspiring entrepreneurship students, saying, “You will go through pain, struggle and unsuccessful moments but your passion is what will sail you through.

This article is contributed by Meenakshi Pandey-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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