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“Xquizit – The Quiz Club of IMNU”, successfully organized its second event for the current academic year, a quiz event, “Biz-Quiz” on 4th December 2017. The event consisted of 3 rounds that tested the knowledge of participants in the fields of Current Affairs, General Knowledge and Industries. The event saw a participation of around 45 teams. Each team consisted of 2 members.

Round 1 was a crossword round, which had questions associated with mostly Current Affairs and General Industry Knowledge. 16 teams qualified and moved forward to round 2. Round 2 had a quiz in the form of interrelated questions. Unless the team managed to answer one question, it would not be able to link it to the other questions. 8 teams from Round 2 qualified for the final round.


Round 3 was based on business related questions. Questions were asked on owners of companies, competitors and other industry related questions. This round used a ‘Pounce scheme of Scoring.’ The question was asked to one team, while the rest of the team were eligible to pounce. The question if not answered by the team, was passed on to the next team who did not participate in pouncing. There were -10 points for incorrect pouncing, and +10 for correct pouncing.  The team, to which the question was asked, was eligible to grab +10 points and no negative points. Similarly the team to which the question was passed were to get +10 for correct and -5 for an incorrect answer. Eventually, after the gruelling 3 rounds, Team Grey Matter Collectives emerged as the winners.

The top 3 teams are:

1st: Ankur Maheshwari & Vinod Shreedhar (Team Grey Matter Collectives)

2nd: Kumar Mulani and Chirag Pugaliya (Team Peacefrogs)

3rd: Sakar Potdar and Kaushal Kotak (Team Wizards)

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This article is contributed by Abhishek Punwani–

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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