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Riddles, Team Coordination, Bonding, Knowledge, Wit – INGENIUM 2017, the fun event of Imprintz – The HR club of IMNU had it all. The teams had to pass 3 exciting rounds to get into the top 3, which would ensure direct entry to their most awaited event, ‘PAINTBALL’. Exciting prizes too were in the offering for the winners of the competition. Each team had 3 members, who were tied to each other in the 1st round. The participants were given 40 riddles which were put up in the back lawn. The members of the teams had to move together and solve maximum riddles in the stipulated time of 20 minutes. The round surely tested the logical ability of the contestants along with speed & accuracy. High competitive spirit was observed as the teams tried to hide their answers from rival teams. After an intriguing 1st round, only 12 teams made it to the 2nd round out of the total teams that had arrived.


The 2nd Round was called ‘Human Tic Tac Toe’, wherein the members of the teams were given pieces of cloth of same colour and had to complete the pattern either in straight rows, columns or diagonally. Along with speed, this round was also about trying to stop the other teams from completing their pattern. Most of the teams though went for speed and successfully completed their patterns. Two teams went one on one with each other, and out of 12 only 6 were selected for the 3rd round.


The 3rd round was ‘Pictoword’, where two teams came on head to head with each other. One member of each team was given the same word, and they had to draw something related to that word. The remaining two members had to guess the word based on the drawing by the first member. 10 words were given, and the team which guessed the right word first were awarded 1 point. In case of a tie, a tie breaker word was used to decide the ultimate winner. Finally, the top 3 teams were decided after this round, but for ranking, the same game was continued for these top 3 teams. They were given 5 words, and a maximum time of 10 minutes to guess the correct word. The team secured ranks according to the number of correct words and the time duration taken by them to guess the words correctly.


The final standings were:
1.Team Minions: Himani, Ronak, Ruchita
2.Team Unknown:  Ankur, Himanshu, Harshit
3 Team NUWines: Vivek, Rushi, Siddharth

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This article is contributed by Harsh Dubey-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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