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“The Journey of a Startup” by Mr. Akash Gupta, CEO, Mobycy


The Sixth Institute Seminar of Institute of Management, Nirma University took place on 24th November, 2017.  To talk about “The Journey Of a Startup” we had with us as guest speaker – a seasoned industry professional –  Mr. Akash Gupta, Ex VP – Marketing at MobiKwik and now CEO, Mobycy.

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With 10 years of hands-on experience in different crucial fields of the industry, Mr Gupta had deep insights on how success is achieved while bearing all the risk- appetite. Reflecting on his life of a typical Indian teen and  using “Clueless” to define his young-adult life, he shared with the audience his personal experience of ‘Jotting Down 100 things you want to learn and want to do” and took the promise that everyone should inculcate the habit of  writing down what we want. He simplified the fact that achievement becomes more comprehensible if one has written down the thoughts. He said “Once you’ve written, it’s there, you can see it there.” Mr. Gupta believes that failure is what builds personality as it gives you experience of trying different things and rebuilding from ground zero.

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He talked about his bicycle renting and sharing Start-up – Mobycy where he intends to achieve multiple goals like environmental, human health and creating a model for the practice of cycling. Realizing his dream of creating a Start-up he thinks that this will revolutionize the practices of cycle use in the country as his research suggests that there is an extensive but dormant demand of the cycle sharing practice which will be facilitated by the App-Based Cycle sharing platform.


Mr. Akash concluded the session with deliberation of the fact that success can be achieved by starting at any given time in one’s life. All one has to do is have the ability to take risks, not bow down to failure and a clear vision of what we want.

This article is contributed by Prasoon Mishra, Srishti Bhuwania and Gunit Sahni-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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