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RannBhoomi 2017 – THE WAR OF GODS

One of the most awaited events of IMNU and the flagship event of Niche – The Marketing Club of IMNU was greeted with great enthusiasm and excitement amongst all the FT sections, BBA-MBA and FB&E. All sections were ready and were rearing to prove their mettle in this 14 days long event that commenced on 6th November.

The pre-event of the competition “Bech sako toh bech lo” was a marketing one, in which each section had to sell corns. The main task was to convince people to buy their product rather than the one that was being sold by their rival section. The round saw great competitive spirits and innovative techniques that were used by the warriors to sell corns. Also, this was the round in which all the sections revealed their official names. Shauryas, Celestials and Dreadnoughts became the top 3 scorers of this round.


Then came the first battle: “Cast a Ballot- the Polling Round”. In this round, a poll was created on RannBhoomi’s Facebook page where the warriors had to gather the highest number of votes for their section. The votes continued to flood in for 2 days and in the end, Shauryas who were on the forefront from the very beginning won this round. Celestials and Dreadnoughts acquired second and third position.

After having put their maximum efforts in grabbing votes in the polling round, everyone buckled up for the next round. Now, the battle ground of Rannbhoomi experienced the clash between the sections in the form of a ‘Power of Satire’, the meme war. This game in which the divisions can create the best satire memes went on for 72 hours. The Facebook page of the event got bombarded with the most hilarious and witty memes, attacking one another to win the tussle. Attacks and battles took the shape of arguments and memes in the comment’s section too. Each section put up a good fight and at the end, Argonauts emerged victorious.

The next round: “The Promotional Round” was the one in which the sections can put up the best promotion for themselves. It lasted for 10 days, starting from 8th of November and going up till 17th of November. From putting banners of their division names, putting the stickers and posters on everything possible, designing the section T-shirts, spending quality time with the Saral Foundation kids to even involving the teachers to speak for their section, each division gave their all. Each section put their heart and soul into brainstorming the most creative ideas and making their promotional props outstand. At the end, Celestials were declared winners of this contest and Dreadnoughts were given the best T-shirt award.

Having done immense amount of brainstorming and getting their hands dirty to bring on board out of the box promotions for RannBhoomi, it was time for the 6 warriors armies to present their strategies in promotions and relate them to marketing concepts in front of a panel with esteemed faculties who have earned respect in fields of marketing. This was the “Presentation Round”. With every presentation the presenters proved to the audience and the judges that they are not only excellent in creativity, but have strategically designed each of their promotions. From AIDA model to cause marketing for guerrilla marketing, each warrior army bought to the forefront innovative marketing concepts, making the judges relieved that their teaching is being implemented wisely.

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The second major round of the RannBhoomi was “Trial by Combat” – The Physical round of the RannBhoomi 2017. The game had a sensational display of sporting skills and it was the best possible way for management students to prove their team work and prowess. Along with the thrill, challenging and tiresome workout at cricket ground, what made the game so electrifying was the company of enthu “janta” took the game to another fun level. Team Argonauts emerged victorious in this round with Team Celestials and Team Titans securing second and third positions respectively.


Finally after the 13 days of exciting promotions, banters, memes, competitive spirit, rallies, came “The Final Battle”, the D-day of RannBhoomi 2017. This was the day wherein the best section crown was to be awarded to the section that had performed in a marvellous manner throughout the last 14 days. Each section kept their fingers crossed, there were no clear favourites, and all were rearing to go for the one final performance which would decide their fate.

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Each section gave their best, each section showed their hidden talents be it dance, singing, play and video of their journey in this event and IMNU throughout. The sections cheered, sledged, but everything was taken in a positive manner, and the opposite section’s efforts were appreciated, and competitive spirit never took a back seat.

Finally the 14 day Rannbhoomi Saga came to a superb end. The competition was tough and stiff, each warrior team gave their best, but there has to be a winner who leads the way amongst all the warriors.

The final standings were:

  1. Team Celestials
  2. Team Shauryas
  3. Team Argonauts
  4. Team Titans
  5. Team Dreadnoughts
  6. Team Bravehearts

This article is contributed by Harsh Dubey, Meenakshi Pandey, Shreya Goel and Prakriti Dutta-

Media Committee, IMNU

Picture Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club

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